Speech Plus is a specialist team of speech-language pathologists, trained to help with speech, voice or language related difficulties and challenges in everyday, business and academic settings. We are an independent organisation, consisting of practising speech-language pathologists and audiologists – and have been in operation since 2006.

Our service is personalised, and we work with clients 1:1. We believe every person is unique so their specific challenge in speaking, language or communication also needs to be seen uniquely. Corporate Speech Language Pathology is another key area we serve. We provide work-related training to enable employees to become effective communication in the business and professional world. We promote our services both to individuals and to the companies that may benefit from improved communication.

Who is a Speech language Pathologist

A Speech Language Pathologist provides a comprehensive array of professional services related to the identification, diagnosis and management of persons with communication and swallowing disorders. These services are independent, and not prescribed or supervised by another professional, but often, speech-language pathologists collaborate with other professionals in providing rehabilitation and related services.

At Speech Plus, our core team consists of highly trained Speech language Pathologists with an average experience of more than 15 years including University, clinical and corporate settings. Every specialist at Speech Plus has completed a 4 year Bachelor degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology from Calcutta University and a 2 year Master degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology from West Bengal University of Health (WBHS). They have been professionally certified by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and Indian Speech and Hearing Association (ISHA).

Our Process – What Makes Us Different?

The Speech Plus specialists get to the root of the matter, find out your issues in speech, language or communication – and provide training to overcome them through scientific and structured therapy. All the Speech Therapists in our team are highly qualified & experienced –and you, the client, gets the benefit of our expertise. Our process involves

• Scientific assessment – Our trained specialists assess clients to find out the specific issues in communicating.

• Identify issues in speaking – What makes your speech not as effective as it could be? The reasons could be: Language skills – Related to Semantics, syntax, phonology or the pragmatics

• Speech skills – Related to Articulation, fluency or voice – Issues in these areas are called ‘speech deficit’ Suggest specific therapies and measures that can help improve these areas

• Have clearly stated short-term goals for improvement – with measurable outcomes – Consistent and well-planned personalised therapy sessions depending on your need. Every client is assigned an individual therapist, to work one-on-one on deficiencies or difficulties in your speech/language/communication.