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Defeat Voice and Speech Problems with speech therapy

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Stammering is one kind of Speech Problems, usually considered as a tough fight of an individual to get the words out. So, it makes completely different from the usual non fluency that we all experience. Stammering varies tremendously from person to person and is often likely that a stammering person is fluent at one minute and struggling to speak the next. Stammering is a serious communication problem. It can adversely affect a person whether he is an adult or child. It can erode their self confidence and self esteem which consequently affects their interactions with others as well as their education and employment prospects. However you should not have much reason to worry. Speech therapy has proven to be very effective and at Speech Plus in Kolkata, we have a specialist team of speech language pathologists, trained to help with speech, voice or language related difficulties and challenges in everyday, business and academic settings. Speech Plus is a unique speech therapy clinic in Kolkata. Our main aim is to treat each patient as a distinctive case, observe and analyze them and get into the root of the Speech Problems. Speech Plus also provides professional Voice disorder therapy in Kolkata. Colds, allergies, bronchitis, exposure to irritants such as ammonia or cheering for your favorite sports team can result in loss of voice. Voice therapy is an individualized combination of vocal hygiene recommendations, modification of vocal behaviors and exercises designed to address specific vocal problems. We have an expert team of voice […]

New technology can help in treating language disorder after stroke

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When a person has a stroke or other injury that affects the left side of the brain, it typically disrupts their ability to use language. This happens mainly when it affects the left side of the brain. This condition is known as Aphasia, which is a language impairment which makes it difficult to use language. Studies show that the language we use is stored in the left side of our brains. Thus when a stroke adversely affects the back part of the left hemisphere we have much difficulty to understand what we hear or read. The situation is somewhat similar to visiting a country where they use a language you do not know. You would know that they are using words and sentences. But you may not be able to follow what is being spoken.  In fact a recent study reveals that Aphasia is a language disorder affecting about one-third of stroke survivors and can virtually eliminate speech. So it is indeed a cause of concern for those suffering from stroke. But new technologies have been developed to treat the problem of language disorder from stroke. New Technologies can be of great help  Virtual Reality is slowly but surely making its inroads in our lives. This new revolutionary technology which has already made significant advances in gaming and the entertainment industries. It is also making its impact felt in the medical world too. EVA Park is a multi-user virtual world, which allows people suffering from Aphasia to engage in conversation with each […]

Articulation Therapy in Kolkata to treat Misarticulation

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Are you aware of Articulation Therapy? Teaching kids to utter speech sounds that they cannot produce is called Articulation Therapy. Some children may have difficulty uttering certain sounds. He or she may omit or improperly alter certain sounds, during the course of their speech. Young children sometimes may have certain issues related to their articulation. They should be able to outgrow these with age. But if these disorders persist even when they grow older then you must approach a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) to detect and treat the problem. The sooner the problem is detected the better is the chance of recovery. In this blog we will try to make you aware about misarticulation and how you could have it treated. Types of Articulation Problems In order to detect an articulation or voice disorder you need to understand the types of disorders. You need to consider 2 important factors in regard to speech or articulation. These are as follows: The type of speech sound error(s) your child is making Your child’s age When it comes to articulation disorders, generally it is common in children in the age groups of 3 and 6 years. Gradually as your child grows he or she develops the ability to pronounce different types of sounds. Studies have shown that for a child of 2 years, 50% of what he or she speaks may be intelligible. By the age of 4 years there must be a considerable improvement in the same. By 7 years a […]

Speech Language Pathology for treating Speech & Language Disorder

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Are you aware of Speech Language Pathology (SLP) or Speech Therapy? This is used for treatment of speech disorders amongst children and adults. There are different types of speech disorders. A speech disorder refers to a problem with the actual production of sounds. A language disorder on the other hand refers to a problem understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas. There may be different types of speech disorders. These include stammering, misarticulation, late speaking etc. Language disorders may be Repetitive disorders, expressive disorders or Cognitive-communication disorders. Whatever be the type of disorder, early detection and treatment helps in a big way. The earlier the problem is detected and treated the better are chances of recovery. So you need to be alert and arrange for treatment in case a problem in your child is detected. Speech Language Pathology or Speech Therapy helps in treating the problem.  Who is a Speech Language Pathologist or a Speech Therapist? Speech Language Pathologist (SLPs) or Speech Therapists are therapists who specialize in treatment of Speech and language problems. Speech Therapy is no longer something which is mentioned like a hushed rumor. It is now the most common form of treatment for speech or language disorders. Autism is a major cause of speech or language disorder. Speech-language therapy addresses persons suffering from autism with a variety of techniques.  Speech Language or therapy coordinates the the mechanics of speech with the meaning and social use of language. The SLP first assesses an individual’s verbal aptitudes and challenges. He or she thereafter sets […]

Treating Voice disorder with Voice Therapy

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Most of us take our voice for granted. We normally never think about how the vocal cords produce voice. We therefore are often unable to detect voice disorder. According to Wikipedia , “The human voice is specifically a part of human sound production in which the vocal folds (vocal cords) are the primary sound source”. Voice is produced when air is exhaled from the lungs. This exhaled air passes over the vocal cords and make vibrate. The sound produced by the human voice depends on the muscular changes of the throat, palate and mouth. Voice Disorder: What it is and its symptoms If you see an abnormal change in the way your voice sounds then you could call it as a voice disorder. If you also have experiences of pain and discomfort in your voice, then also it could be termed as the same. The symptoms may include hoarseness, a change in pitch or even a voice crack. In case of singers they could also lose their vocal range because of the problem. If you need to clear your voice very frequently then it could be a result of this disorder. Inflammation and swelling of voice, misuse of the voice and upper respiratory problems are all the causes of this problem. Laryngeal Cancer is another cause of voice disorder which requires immediate treatment. Studies show that about 3 to 10% of the general population suffers from the problem at some point of time in their life. But certain individuals are more […]

Detecting Late Speech in children and treating it

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Are you having a child aged about 3 years or younger? Are you worried that he or she is not speaking? Are you noticing that the child does not seem to listen? If you see these in your child then your child may be suffering from Late Speech Problem or language or hearing disorders. Through this blog we will try to make you aware of ways to identify if there is a speech disorder and how you should treat it. Identifying early signs: The following are some typical symptoms of determining Speech disorder in young children: If the child is around 3 month’s old and if the baby does not smile or interact with others. The baby should babble at an age of 4 to 7 months. By the time he or she is between 7 to 12 months he or she should make gestures like waving or pointing at things. Between 12 months and 24 months of age the child should respond to sound and should be able to vocalize. If it is observed that the child prefers gestures over vocalizing by the age of 18 months or more than there is cause for concern. At the age of 18 months the child must be able to imitate sounds.  After two years of age the child should be able to produce words or phrases spontaneously. If the child is still merely imitating speech and gesturing then there is a possibility that the child is suffering from speech disorder. Other symptoms include if you observe […]

Stuttering And How It Can Be Solved

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Stuttering is a speech disorder which causes the forward flow of speech. The speech interruptions are involuntary and prolonging sounds, syllables, words or phrases in the person is a result of this disorder. The causes of this disorder may be many. Genetics is a primary cause for the same. Others reasons may be various developmental factors as well. The lack of development of speech during the preschool years may lead to this problem. In case if you find that your child is suffering from this speech disorder it is natural for you as a parent to worry. Even if you are very worried you must not express this before your child. Any stress on your child in regard to the problem may actually aggravate it. So make sure that you are supportive to your child and encourage him or her always. Stuttering may have various kinds of psychological effects. In this blog we will try to point these out and also guide you in ways in which this disorder could be treated. Stuttering has deep rooted psychological effects Beyond the standard audible and visible symptoms of stuttering there are psychological symptoms may have long term effects. The first being fear. Often the fear of embarrassment of stammering every time a child speaks is enormous. So the child feels shy and tends to get withdrawn with shame. He or she therefore speaks as less as possible. Thus he or she leads a life of quiet desperation. Often the child as a result […]

Why Corporate Speech Language Pathology Is Gaining Importance

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Is your communication skill weak? Is it becoming a hindrance in your corporate progress? If so you need corporate pathology. No matter how good you are at your job but the quality of your communication is vital in the current scenario. At your workplace you have to work in a team. Whatever be your role, you as the boss to lead the team or as a subordinate to work in the same, your communication skills are essential to accomplish any job. With globalization companies have come together worldwide. This means that you can no longer work in isolation. Instead you must interact with your counterparts in other companies as well. Besides in the corporate world you are required to make presentations. You have to make international conference calls. At senior levels you must develop team building skills as well. In case you have problems doing any of these then Corporate Speech Language Pathology is important for you. Corporate Speech Language Pathologists:What they do? Corporate Speech Language Pathologists are expert communicators. They have knowledge and expertise in different areas of communication. They provide Communication training. They generally do so to freshers, who are new to the corporate world. However it is not necessary that only the new entrants require their services. Even experienced candidates too may often lack proper communication skills. They may be scared of public speaking. So both freshers as well as experienced candidates would benefit from Corporate Speech Pathology.  The Benefits of Corporate Speech Pathology: The benefits may broadly be […]

Effects of Hearing Loss on Speech development

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For a child hearing and speech are important tools for learning. Children learn to communicate by hearing the sounds they hear. If for some reason their hearing gets impaired it also has an adverse effect on their ability to speak too. This ultimately leads to delay in speech development. The academic progress suffers as a result of the problem. In the long run it may cause social and psychological problems. In this blog we will try to help you understand the how hearing loss in children leads to speech disorder. We will also guide you to treat the problem if it is detected in your child. Hearing Loss in children Hearing loss in children may often go undetected. The loss of hearing in children varies both in the type and the degree. Most hearing loss in children can now be treated effectively. However for that to happen, early detection of the problem is critical. Most effective treatment can be done with early intervention. So in case there is a problem with your child’s hearing you must try to identify it early.  The hearing loss in children may congenital (present at birth) or it may be acquired. However whatever be the cause you must be able to identify the symptoms early. At different stages while the child is growing up as a baby there are different indications whether they respond to sound or not. For example for a baby up to 4 months he or she may awaken or stir at […]

Benefits of Video Conferencing to treat Speech Disorder Problem

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You must be familiar with Video Conferencing. It offers a number of benefits. These include benefits like reducing travel costs, improves communication etc. Communication is really effective and succeeds only when both the speaker and listener are able to see and hear each other. Generally this becomes possible only when both are in the same room. Through video conferencing communication however this is possible even if the participants are at two geographical locations. Because of this it has also made a significant impact in treatment of speech disorders too. In this blog we will discuss how video conferencing is helping in the treatment of speech disorder problem too. Speech Therapy involves much travelling for the patient If you or your children are suffering from speech related disorders then it needs to be treated with speech therapy. You need to be patient. Treating speech disorder problem require much time and effort. These are to be provided over a long period of time. Sometimes it may take months or even years for the initial results to show up. So over the period if you or your child is being treated with speech therapy you need to visit the speech treatment clinic. At the time which you have been allotted to you, you would have to attend the same. When this is to be done over a period of time it may indeed be difficult for you. As it is with the excessive work pressure demands that you spend more time at work. Not […]