One of the common effects of stroke is speech impairment. Stroke survivors face a hard time communicating with others, even saying the simplest of things. Most of the patients do not regain their speech after a stroke and experience a lot of communication difficulties. But the good news is there are speech therapy exercises for stroke patients which help during the recovery.  

In this blog, we will know the top speech therapy exercises which help stroke survivors regain their lost speech most effectively. 

Effective speech therapy exercises for stroke patients

A well-known speech therapy specialist in Kolkata illustrated some effective speech therapy exercises for stroke survivors to get their voices back. Let’s know them. 

  • Breathing exercise 

After a stroke, most patients face trouble regulating their breathing while they speak. As a result, they struggle to pronounce words clearly which makes it difficult for others to understand. Doing breathing exercises will help you to take pauses during your breaths while speaking and say words clearly. 

  • Tongue Strengthening Exercise 

Your tongue plays a great role while pronouncing words. Tongue strengthening exercises like moving the tongue side by side and up and down help to strengthen the muscles and make it easier for patients to form words and converse. 

  • Practice sentence construction 

Another common issue faced by stroke patients is sentence construction. They struggle to form correct and complete sentences. Hence, stroke survivors are advised to practice certain words and sounds. They must also read books to increase their speech fluency and try constructing sentences. 

  • Practice smiling regularly 

Smiling in front of the mirror is another form of speech problem treatment. Smiling is a speech therapy exercise to help strengthen oral motor skills and motivate you to speak further. 

  • Make the right sound

Stroke patients face trouble saying the right sounds and words. Hence they must practice saying similar sounds, “Ah, ay, at, al, ack… etc.” While repeating the words, make sure to maintain the clarity of the sound. This exercise will strengthen the mouth and tongue to get the sounds correctly. 

  • Naming Pictures

To strengthen the muscles between words and pictures, you can practice looking at the pictures and repeating the words. Speech therapy specialist encourages this exercise to help the patients with word retrieval and improve their cognitive, speech and language disorders. They even ask the patient to repeat the words as many times as possible to master the pronunciation of words and form the correct words with the mouth and tongue muscles. 


These speech therapy exercises are greatly effective for stroke patients. They can form words efficiently and regain their voice. 

Patient review 

“Speech plus is very good center for speech therapy.

Each and every mentor is highly qualified and helpful in every aspects.”

  • Soma Debnath