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Types of Speech Disorders: Causes and Management

Are you or your child facing speech and other communication problems for some time and you are clueless about how did it occur, what to do and whom to consult? Don’t panic! Your problems can easily be cured!   My Child is Still not Showing Signs of Speaking! There are many children who develop speech and language problems at a critical age. The first few years is very crucial for a child to learn and develop communication skills. It is because the synaptic density – that is, the neural interconnections – is the maximum at the age of 2-3 years, which means that the learning capability of the child attains its peak point at this time. So it is very important for you as the parent of a child with speech or language difficulties to intervene into the matter as early as within first 3 months of age, and to start a proper treatment at a recognised speech therapy clinic in Kolkata as early as possible. If a child is deprived of a good hearing health, then he/she might suffer from delayed speech problems. So it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is given full access to the hearing world and at the appropriate time, delaying which will result in a delay of all the major developmental skills necessary for the child. Therefore, you must participate in early intervention programs to diagnose if there is any hearing disorder present in your child. Hearing loss is a major […]

Signs and Symptoms of Stammering

Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted involuntarily. A stutterer’s speech is characterised by frequent repetitions, prolongations of sounds, syllables, words, phrases or even whole sentences. It occurs mainly in children at a very young age. Studies show that stammering affects young boys more than girls. The sooner you as the parent of a stammering child start a treatment, the sooner he/she will have chances of recovering. Professional Speech Language Pathologists advice early intervention for stammering children to be done at a good stammering therapy center in Kolkata. A majority of the stammering problems can be cured if treatment is started as early as the stutterer learns to speak. If the symptoms of stammering appear at a very young age, then the stutterer would require immediate attention. Following are some of the common symptoms of stuttering, which should not be neglected: Frequent repetitions of sounds, syllables, words, phrases and even whole complex sentences Prolongations of certain sounds, syllables and phrases, therefore taking time to finish Interruption in the flow of speech, which is involuntary Words or phrases may come out as jerks or spurts Frequently rearranges words or phrases in a sentence, thus saying the same thing over and over again The stutterer finds it harder to start some sounds, words, phrases and a whole conversation as a result The stutterer feels tensed while trying to say something Frequently hesitates or pauses before trying to speak Some health professionals at a good […]

Myths and Facts of Stammering Treatment

There are some common myths about stammering problems and it is our duty to eradicate them by pointing out the facts. Some common bad habits that originate from these myths are keeping oneself in isolation, feeling guilty, feeling the need of hiding stammering problems, feeling inferior or socially backward or fearing failures. Let us have a glance at the popular myths and the facts about stammering (or stuttering) problems.  1.        Myth: Stammering people are not smart.              Fact: There is no link at all between stammering and intelligence. 2.        Myth: Stammering is caused from nervousness, anxiety or a traumatic incident.              Fact: Stammering is not caused from nervousness, neither is it a psychological problem. Also, it is not right to assume that stammering people are prone to be nervous, anxious, or shy. Even non-stammering people can be as shy and reserved as them. There are many stutterers who are very open and outgoing. 3.         Myth: Stammering can be “caught” by imitating others or by listening to another person stutter.               Fact: Stammering is not a contagious disease that would be “caught”. Although the exact causes of stammering are not yet known, but recent research indicates that it might arise from hereditary or genetic causes, neuromuscular development, and the child’s environment as well. 4.          Myth: It is helpful to tell a stammering person to […]

How to cure Stammering Problem

Stammering, also termed as stuttering, is a common speech disorder in which a person has an interrupted flow of speech with involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, usually vowels or semivowels, syllables, words or phrases. It is also characterised with having repetitive breaks or pauses in between words or phrases or abnormal hesitation before speaking. It can be treated by performing various therapies, like, fluency shaping therapy, modification therapy, diaphragmatic breathing, and many more. Stammering therapy in Kolkata is performed by various speech language pathologists, like, Mr. Somenath Mukherjee, Mr. Mainak Santra, Mr. Probir Karmakar, Mr. Kuntal Sarkar, Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty, Mr. Somesh Bhattacherjee and others. Some very effective methods of treating stammering problems are developing slow rate of speech, helping with effortless speech production, breathing exercises and educating parents to help their children. There are certain stammering problems that are not easy to detect, and to do so, very skilled Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) are required. It should be kept in mind, however, that there are certain stuttering problems which cannot be completely cured of, but they can be controlled by performing various therapies. Many therapists prefer the learning strategies to treat stammerers, such as the speed reduction, breathing regulation, progressing gradually from single-syllabled word pronunciations to longer words, and eventually to long and complex sentences. Another effective approach towards treating stammering problems is the comprehensive approach, in which the emphasis is given on changing the attitude of the stammerer towards communication. It is to see the positive side to […]

Stuttering And How It Can Be Solved

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Stuttering is a speech disorder which causes the forward flow of speech. The speech interruptions are involuntary and prolonging sounds, syllables, words or phrases in the person is a result of this disorder. The causes of this disorder may be many. Genetics is a primary cause for the same. Others reasons may be various developmental factors as well. The lack of development of speech during the preschool years may lead to this problem. In case if you find that your child is suffering from this speech disorder it is natural for you as a parent to worry. Even if you are very worried you must not express this before your child. Any stress on your child in regard to the problem may actually aggravate it. So make sure that you are supportive to your child and encourage him or her always. Stuttering may have various kinds of psychological effects. In this blog we will try to point these out and also guide you in ways in which this disorder could be treated. Stuttering has deep rooted psychological effects Beyond the standard audible and visible symptoms of stuttering there are psychological symptoms may have long term effects. The first being fear. Often the fear of embarrassment of stammering every time a child speaks is enormous. So the child feels shy and tends to get withdrawn with shame. He or she therefore speaks as less as possible. Thus he or she leads a life of quiet desperation. Often the child as a result […]

Stuttering Remedies for Children

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Stuttering is a speech disorder which causes the forward flow of speech. The Speech interruptions are involuntary and prolonging sounds, syllables, words or phrases in the person is a result of this disorder. There may a number of causes about stuttering in children. First genetics, may be a probable cause as stuttering often has been seen to run in families. Then there may be developmental factors for this too. During the preschool years, many of the child’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional and speech learning skills develop at a rapid rate. Unfortunately the speech development may not happen at this period of time leading to stuttering. There may also be certain environmental caused leading to stuttering. The parental expectations of the parents regarding the child’s speech and language environment, or certain stressful life events may also lead to this problem. Here however the parents are not to blame, their expectation may not be harmful to the child who does not stutter but aggravates it in a child who has a stuttering tendency. The child’s fear and anxiety causes the child’s stuttering to continue and may even make it worse in some cases. We at Speech Plus , speech therapy specialist in Kolkata analyze what could be done to treat stuttering in children. Treating Stuttering In Children: As a parent you need to be conscious of the fact and notice whether your child is suffering from stammering. In case you observe this problem in your child regularly, then you need to treat […]

Work Of Speech Language Pathologist

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Are you aware of Speech Language Pathologist or Speech Therapist? Speech Language Pathologist (SLPs) or Speech Therapists are therapists who specialize in treatment of Speech and language problems. Speech Therapy is no longer something which is mentioned like a hushed rumor. The Speech Disorders in children may be many. These may be Apraxia, which is a motor speech disorder caused by brain damage, where the person faces difficulty in producing speech and certain motor movements. It may be stuttering, misarticulating, late speaking, and Voice disorder. Whatever it is but speech forms an important part of our communication process and any disability in the same may cause social and behavioral disorders later on. If such be the case you have to resort to the help of a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or a Speech Therapist. Even if the problem is not very severe but with Speech Therapy even minor disorders can easily be rectified. This is why Speech Therapy has now become a part of main stream learning Process. Benefits Of Getting Treated By Speech Language Pathologist: Speech Language Pathologist knows exactly what your child’s condition and know exactly what is to be done, what the child needs to do, what he or she needs learn the following week. In fact the Speech Therapist may break this down into specific things which parents can follow. Besides Speech Therapist does often much more than what the job description requires them to do. As a result often Speech Therapy has delivered powerful results. In […]

Stammering Remedies from Speech Therapists

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Do you know there are some simple Stammering Remedies that a Speech Therapists can suggest you? Stammering also known as stuttering is a speech disorder that causes disruption in the forward flow of speech. The interruptions in speech may be involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases as well as involuntary silent pauses in which the person is unable to produce sounds. Causes for Stammering: Once we know the causes it gets much easier to find stammering remedies. Research shows that there is no single, exclusive cause for stuttering and multiple causes lead to this speech disorder. Some studies show that there is strong evidence that stuttering occurs as a result of genetic factors. In fact according to these children who have first –degree relatives suffering from stuttering are likely to develop it three times more than other children.  Other studies however suggest that genetic factors interact with genetic factors for the disorder. Besides there is evidence that stuttering is more common in children who also have concomitant speech, language, learning or motor difficulties.  Before knowing more about the stammering remedies, you have to know more about stammering symptoms. Stammering may occur during childhood and persist into adulthood. It has been estimated that 1 in every 20 children prior to school age may stammer at some point of time. However 2 of 3 out of them will naturally grow out of it. Amongst adults it has been noted that 1 in 100 adults’ stammers Out of people suffering from stammering, males are […]

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