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Types of Speech Disorders: Causes and Management

Are you or your child facing speech and other communication problems for some time and you are clueless about how did it occur, what to do and whom to consult? Don’t panic! Your problems can easily be cured!   My Child is Still not Showing Signs of Speaking! There are many children who develop speech and language problems at a critical age. The first few years is very crucial for a child to learn and develop communication skills. It is because the synaptic density – that is, the neural interconnections – is the maximum at the age of 2-3 years, which means that the learning capability of the child attains its peak point at this time. So it is very important for you as the parent of a child with speech or language difficulties to intervene into the matter as early as within first 3 months of age, and to start a proper treatment at a recognised speech therapy clinic in Kolkata as early as possible. If a child is deprived of a good hearing health, then he/she might suffer from delayed speech problems. So it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is given full access to the hearing world and at the appropriate time, delaying which will result in a delay of all the major developmental skills necessary for the child. Therefore, you must participate in early intervention programs to diagnose if there is any hearing disorder present in your child. Hearing loss is a major […]

Puberphonia : Causes and Treatment

Have you ever come across a person, especially a male person having a female-like voice, and worse still, have you ever bullied or made a bad joke for his having such an adolescent voice? If you have, STOP NOW! The person might be suffering from a more serious medical complexity. Don’t make it so difficult for the person; he is already having a hard life! And if you are the one suffering from such a voice disorder, and is facing such awkward situations in your day-to-day life, then you are probably suffering from Puberphonia! Do not panic, as it can be cured completely, and you will soon be having an attractive voice, which everyone would love to hear! What is Puberphonia? Puberphonia is a type of voice disorder which is characterised by the habitual and continuous use of prepubertal high-pitched voice of a child even after puberty. In other words, according to many Speech Language Pathologists at any renowned voice disorder treatment clinic in Kolkata, Puberphonia is the inappropriate persistence of adolescent, and often female-like voice even after one has attained puberty. This condition is also known as mutational falsetto or functional falsetto. Incidence and Prevalence Puberphonia, sadly, is commonly seen in males more than females. It is uncommon in females because the laryngeal growth spurt normally occurs in males. According to studies, the incidence of Puberphonia in India is about 1 in 900,000 people of the total Indian population. What are the Common Signs and Symptoms? People suffering from […]

Can Bilingualism Cause Language Delay?

It is a common myth that teaching a child two languages simultaneously might cause language delay in him or her. We understand that you as the parent of a child who is at a stage of learning some language/s, is worried whether bilingualism is a benefit or a detriment. However, according to Colin Baker, a researcher in childhood bilingualism, is of the opinion that – “Raising children bilingually is sometimes believed to cause language delay, though evidence does not support this position. Raising children bilingually neither increases nor reduces the chance of language disorder or delay.” There are quite a lot of cases reported by Speech Language Pathologists at well-known clinics dealing with delayed speech treatment in Kolkata, where children raised up bilingually did not show any language delay, and above all, have learnt both the languages quite well. Delayed language is seen in children for many other complications, and not because he or she is influenced by bilingualism. Rather, bilingualism has more benefits than hindrances in the child’s developmental skills.   Fun Facts About Bilingualism At least half of the world’s population is bilingual or plurilingual. A study showed that even while in the womb of a bilingual mother, the child not only prefers both the languages over others, but they also develop the ability to recognise and tell the difference between the two. Bilingualism actually develops the grey matter in the language processing centre of the brain, especially when the child have learnt two languages before five years […]

Signs and Symptoms of Stammering

Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted involuntarily. A stutterer’s speech is characterised by frequent repetitions, prolongations of sounds, syllables, words, phrases or even whole sentences. It occurs mainly in children at a very young age. Studies show that stammering affects young boys more than girls. The sooner you as the parent of a stammering child start a treatment, the sooner he/she will have chances of recovering. Professional Speech Language Pathologists advice early intervention for stammering children to be done at a good stammering therapy center in Kolkata. A majority of the stammering problems can be cured if treatment is started as early as the stutterer learns to speak. If the symptoms of stammering appear at a very young age, then the stutterer would require immediate attention. Following are some of the common symptoms of stuttering, which should not be neglected: Frequent repetitions of sounds, syllables, words, phrases and even whole complex sentences Prolongations of certain sounds, syllables and phrases, therefore taking time to finish Interruption in the flow of speech, which is involuntary Words or phrases may come out as jerks or spurts Frequently rearranges words or phrases in a sentence, thus saying the same thing over and over again The stutterer finds it harder to start some sounds, words, phrases and a whole conversation as a result The stutterer feels tensed while trying to say something Frequently hesitates or pauses before trying to speak Some health professionals at a good […]

Speech Therapy Types And Benefits For Kids With Stammering Problems

There are times when the child is unable to understand and express languages or finds it difficult in pronouncing the words that might divest in language development as well as communication skills. There are numerous kinds of speech defects that happen due to different problems. The most common type of speech problem that is spotted with children is the delayed speech and language development. Speech defects can occur due to severe injuries or some medical condition as well. Speech therapy is a method with the help of which one can improve their child’s ability to understand and remember the language with the help of different types of methods and learning techniques for improving communication skills and language development. Speech therapy consists of two methods that enhance the language development: Verbal Technique: In this type of speech therapy technique, mouth coordination is done to produce sounds that make words and sentences. This particular method is to control the fluency and volume of a child. Comprehending the alphabets and its consecutive uses for the formation of words and sentences is very important. The verbal technique helps the child to understand the basics of the language. With a little bit of hard work and determination from both the speech therapist and the child, the language can be understood easily in a convenient way. Understanding And Expressing Technique: This technique trains the child to address the language with the help of written signs and include pictures. These days, there are numerous interactive and engaging […]

Work Of Speech Language Pathologist

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Are you aware of Speech Language Pathologist or Speech Therapist? Speech Language Pathologist (SLPs) or Speech Therapists are therapists who specialize in treatment of Speech and language problems. Speech Therapy is no longer something which is mentioned like a hushed rumor. The Speech Disorders in children may be many. These may be Apraxia, which is a motor speech disorder caused by brain damage, where the person faces difficulty in producing speech and certain motor movements. It may be stuttering, misarticulating, late speaking, and Voice disorder. Whatever it is but speech forms an important part of our communication process and any disability in the same may cause social and behavioral disorders later on. If such be the case you have to resort to the help of a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or a Speech Therapist. Even if the problem is not very severe but with Speech Therapy even minor disorders can easily be rectified. This is why Speech Therapy has now become a part of main stream learning Process. Benefits Of Getting Treated By Speech Language Pathologist: Speech Language Pathologist knows exactly what your child’s condition and know exactly what is to be done, what the child needs to do, what he or she needs learn the following week. In fact the Speech Therapist may break this down into specific things which parents can follow. Besides Speech Therapist does often much more than what the job description requires them to do. As a result often Speech Therapy has delivered powerful results. In […]

Speech Disorder in Children – Facts to Know

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Speech Disorder in children has become a common problem. Speech forms an important part in how we communicate. Much of the quality of our lives depends on our speech. This may be in our professional lives, may be about cracking an interview, our social acceptance and even our relationships. However it is very unfortunate that speech disorder goes unnoticed in many children before it is late and the problem gets aggravated. We at Speech Plus being the leading Speech Disorder Treatment Centre in Kolkata through this blog would try to create awareness about speech disorder and how it could be treated: Types of Speech Disorders in Children: Stuttering or Stammering: Stuttering or Stammering is a common type of speech disorder wherein the child often ends up repeating the same, words, phrases while trying to speak. It may often lead to lack of confidence, frustration owing to the embarrassment while trying to speech. Disorders in Voice: Under disorder in voice, the child exhibits abnormality while letting out a sound while uttering a word or phrase. The desired level loudness, pitch and quality of the voice may be missing and often people who are listening may be unable to follow what is being spoken. Disorder of Articulation: In the process of speech, Speech organs like tongue, lips, palate interact after air stream comes out of the Vocal cord. A child misarticulating produces sounds, syllables or sounds in a way that the listener is unable to gather and understand it. Often the parents mistake this for the […]

What is Misarticulating ? Is Speech Therapy Helpful?

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Have you ever wondered if Misarticulating can be treated? Well we have the answer. Communication forms an integral part of our lives now. It determines our progress in life in terms of cracking job interviews, the way we conduct our business, even our relationships with near and dear ones depends a lot  on the way we communicate. Verbal communication is perhaps the most important part of communication. In verbal communication articulation is one of the keys of effective communication. It is the process the speech organs like tongue, lips, palate interact after air stream comes out of the Vocal chords and produce sounds, syllables and words. A person with a disorder of articulation produces sounds, syllables or words, incorrectly, so that the listeners are unable to understand what he or she is trying to speak. The defects in articulation may include certain disorders like errors types of omissions, substitution or that of distortions. The Causes of Misarticulating: The causes of misarticulating may be many. These may be cerebral palsy which means a weakness or problem in the brain. This is what affects many young children leading to Misarticulating along with other defects. Cleft palate also causes misarticulation. Some other causes of misarticulating may be because of hearing loss or dental problems. Though the problem of articulating though arises on account of physical disability, certain functional articulation defects may arise out of faulty learning practices of speech sounds may also be the culprit in many cases. Studies have shown that in case […]

Speech Disorders Parents Should Know About

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There are some complications of the body and mind that can only be resolved through early detection. Of course, there are many which slip underneath the radar and fly far too long. When it is finally detected, the damage has already been done. Speech disorders in children fall in this category. More often than not, due to lack of awareness among parents or even teachers in school, the speaking faculty of children is ignored as being ‘normal’. This blog is about speech language problems of children and what their parents should know about it. Speech Disorders FAQ In this post, our experts at Speech Plus jot down some speech issues that all parents must be aware of. Let us look at them in a brief overview. Selective Mutism is a speech disorder that many do not know about. It usually manifests itself a condition where the child speaks normally around people they are comfortable around. When in the company of people they do not know, or dislike for whatever reason, their speech stutters. This stutter is not noticeable, or even there at all, when the child is around comfortable company. Selective mutism can be psychological condition where therapy plays a pivotal role in recovery. Speech delays are a reason why speech issues in children often go unnoticed. Most parents feel that their child may be a late talker and they do not take the problem seriously for a few years. It is true that there are cases of children starting […]

Professional Speakers Need Speech Therapy

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Do you think Professional Speakers can ever need Speech Therapy? Here is our answer. There is a theory that says that it is quite impossible to pronounce all the words and syllables correctly! In other words, we are all in some state of inability when it comes to speaking. There are some pronunciations that catch us unaware, resulting in goof-ups that might be quite costly. Look at the instances of mispronunciations at award ceremonies like the Oscars or the Grammys. Celebrities become the butt of jokes due to these slip-ups.  For professional speakers, however, the going is tougher. At best, these celebs will be the object of social media ridicule for a week or two. Then everyone will get on with their lives. For those who speak for a living, such instances can be a deal breaker in the context of a career. Speakers cannot afford to mumble or mispronounce words in conferences or seminars. They have to be pitch perfect at all times. Just as a writer might take a writing course to hone skills further, a speaker needs speech therapy. There is no harm in admitting that such therapies can brush off those rust granules depositing on the verbal skills, especially over a long career in speaking. Modern words often call for different ways of saying things. A speech therapist can help out professional speakers immensely. Never for once conclude that therapy is only for those who are suffering from speech disorders! Speech therapy has other benefits for […]