After your child is diagnosed with Autism, your child specialist has probably told you to go for a speech therapy and it is one of the best treatment methods to begin with. It is because a speech therapy programme plays a key role in autism treatment. Joining a good programme can change your child’s life completely.

Why is Speech therapy Necessary in Autism treatment?

One of the common problems that affects a child with autism is communication impairment, and therefore, speech therapy is one of the most important step to start an early intervention in autism treatment. To begin with, visiting a professional and certified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) at any recognised speech therapy centre in Kolkata is the first and foremost step that you as a responsible parent must take. So once your child is diagnosed with autism, don’t waste time in thinking much or giving ears to rumours such as ‘My child’s behavioral abnormalities will be cured as he grows up!’ No it won’t! The sad part is autism can never be cured completely – it can only be treated and controlled up to a certain limit!

No don’t panic!

Having autism doesn’t mean your child’s future is in dark! He/she can still lead a better quality of life and can achieve success in the days to come. So it is your responsibility to start a treatment early – because given the right opportunities at the right time can encourage your child and make him self-confident – a feeling strong enough to change the world and do great things!

How is Speech Therapy Going to Help Treat a Child With Autism?

Speech therapy helps improve the communication skills of a child with autism and as a whole – helps to improve the child’s quality of life. Even if your child has little to no speech at all, there are many techniques to help him/her communicate well, such as by teaching various other modes of communication apart from verbal ones – like the use of gestures, sign languages or even with the help of various technological devices.

The main aim at any good speech therapy centre in Kolkata is to improve the communication skills of an individual, and in case of autism, it becomes all the more important. The primary reason behind this is that communication is the only way to build up connections and relationships with others – and an individual with autism generally stays away from all sorts of communications and social functioning.

A speech therapy, therefore, helps a child with autism to –

  • Develop the ability to express their feelings, emotions and needs, with the means of verbal and/or non-verbal means of communication. Being able to express themselves is the only factor that helps to form a healthy relationship – not only in the family, but also with others outside the home.
  • Learn to communicate with peers and family members well, in a way that they understand, so as to build up and maintain healthy connections and relationships.
  • Understand what is being said to the child – not only the verbal speech, but the non-verbal visual cues like gestures, facial expressions and body language as well.
  • Be able to articulate words and sentences well, and pronounce correctly and speak clearly. A child with autism generally faces difficulties in explaining concepts, and is normally weak in language and vocabulary. Speech therapy also makes the child must also be aware with the meaning of what they are saying. Having the ability to speak clearly builds up self-confidence in the child.
  • Get rid of and overcome various speech disorders.

In a nutshell, a speech therapy programme performed by skilled SLPs at any well-known speech therapy centre in Kolkata can change a life of your child, and can make him/her achieve success!