Are you aware of Misarticulation? A person with this disorder produces sounds, syllables or words incorrectly so that the listeners are unable to understand what the speaker is trying to speak. Verbal communication forms a very important part of our lives. It determines the progress of our lives in a big way. For effective communication the correct articulation is necessary. Articulation is the process where in the speech organs like tongue, palate interacts after air stream comes out of the Vocal Chords and produce sounds, syllables and words. However a disorder in proper articulation may happen which may be on account of omissions, substitutions and distortions. We at Speech Plus being a leading speech therapy clinic in Kolkata would try to explain to you the basic things you should know about Misarticulation:

Misarticulation - communication disorders therapy in kolkata

Misarticulation Causes:

There may be various causes for misarticulation. It may be on account of Cerebral palsy which arises out of weakness or disorder in the brain. This is a leading cause of Misarticulation in children. Cleft Palate is another cause for it. Other causes for Misarticulation may be for hearing loss, dental problems too. Along with physical causes for this problem there may be certain faulty articulation defects too. These happen because of faulty learning practices of speech in some cases.

Research has shown that for a child as young as 2 years, about 50% of what he or she speaks may be intelligible. In case of 4 years old child the articulating capacity must be still much better in comparison. For a 7 year child however he or she should clearly be able to articulate much clearly which must be consistent with the community norms.

Incase still you notice that the problem of Misarticulation is persisting in your child, you must immediately seek the help of a Speech Therapist or a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP).

The Speech Therapist or SLP can help in treating Misarticulation:

Speech Language Pathologist (SLPs) or Speech Therapists are therapists who specialize in treatment of Speech and language problems A SLP is not a doctor but an expert in speech assessment , diagnose speech disorders and thereby conduct speech therapy sessions to treat and overcome the problem. Misarticulation is also a speech disorder which can be treated by the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or the Speech Therapist. Recovery from Misarticulation through Speech therapy depends on various factors like the severity of the problem, the stage at which it is detected, etc. Depending on these factors the SLP or Speech Therapist plans and determines the Therapy sessions. An early detection and early intervention by the SLP or Speech Therapists always helps in fast recovery. It is therefore recommended that in case of any early indication of your child suffering from misarticulation, you must immediately visit a renowned Speech Therapy Clinic for an early assessment of the problem and thereafter ensure treatment as early as possible.

Besides as a parent your role in the speech therapy sessions is also important.
We at are experts in the treatment of misarticulation along with other speech disorder treatments. Our expert team of SLPs would surely provide you with the best speech therapy ensuring a fast recovery. For further details about treatment of Misarticulation please visit