You must be familiar with Video Conferencing. It offers a number of benefits. These include benefits like reducing travel costs, improves communication etc. Communication is really effective and succeeds only when both the speaker and listener are able to see and hear each other. Generally this becomes possible only when both are in the same room. Through video conferencing communication however this is possible even if the participants are at two geographical locations. Because of this it has also made a significant impact in treatment of speech disorders too. In this blog we will discuss how video conferencing is helping in the treatment of speech disorder problem too.

Speech disorder Problem

Speech Therapy involves much travelling for the patient

If you or your children are suffering from speech related disorders then it needs to be treated with speech therapy. You need to be patient. Treating speech disorder problem require much time and effort. These are to be provided over a long period of time. Sometimes it may take months or even years for the initial results to show up. So over the period if you or your child is being treated with speech therapy you need to visit the speech treatment clinic. At the time which you have been allotted to you, you would have to attend the same. When this is to be done over a period of time it may indeed be difficult for you. As it is with the excessive work pressure demands that you spend more time at work. Not to speak of the extreme traffic which you have to commute through to reach the clinic. Besides you may be in a transferable job. So you may have to relocate to a different city altogether. So given all these constraints the continuation in Speech Therapy may indeed be a problem. Here is where Video Conferencing could be of great help.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video Conferencing is a telecommunication technology by means of which two or more locations people at two or more locations can communicate simultaneously through video and audio. With this technology two people at different locations can be brought face to face. It helps in saving of valuable resources like travel time, the cost of travel and so on.

How it helps in Speech Therapy?

With this great technology, in case of speech therapy too it helps both the patient as well as the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), also known as the Speech Therapist. So as a patient during the course of the speech therapy even if you have been relocated to a new city you could continue it from the comfort of your home. This adds great convenience to the patient. Even for the Speech Therapist the therapy sessions become much more flexible and convenient too.

Speech Therapy through Video Conferencing at Speechplus:

Having recognized the great benefits of video conferencing we at SpeechPlus have kept it as a part of one of our services. To avail this facility you could call our helpline. So now even if you are at a remote location with SpeechPlus you could avail the best Speech Therapy treatment for your speech disorder problem.