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Defeat Voice and Speech Problems with speech therapy

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Stammering is one kind of Speech Problems, usually considered as a tough fight of an individual to get the words out. So, it makes completely different from the usual non fluency that we all experience. Stammering varies tremendously from person to person and is often likely that a stammering person is fluent at one minute and struggling to speak the next. Stammering is a serious communication problem. It can adversely affect a person whether he is an adult or child. It can erode their self confidence and self esteem which consequently affects their interactions with others as well as their education and employment prospects. However you should not have much reason to worry. Speech therapy has proven to be very effective and at Speech Plus in Kolkata, we have a specialist team of speech language pathologists, trained to help with speech, voice or language related difficulties and challenges in everyday, business and academic settings. Speech Plus is a unique speech therapy clinic in Kolkata. Our main aim is to treat each patient as a distinctive case, observe and analyze them and get into the root of the Speech Problems. Speech Plus also provides professional Voice disorder therapy in Kolkata. Colds, allergies, bronchitis, exposure to irritants such as ammonia or cheering for your favorite sports team can result in loss of voice. Voice therapy is an individualized combination of vocal hygiene recommendations, modification of vocal behaviors and exercises designed to address specific vocal problems. We have an expert team of voice […]

Is your child taking too long to talk? What you must know for speech development?

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As a parent your child is perhaps your most precious possession. Thus you want to provide the best to your child. You want to take the best care of him or her. If you find out that your child is late in speaking or need speech development, we can well understand how worried you must be. We therefore thought about sharing some facts about this issue to help you to deal with the same. Here are some facts which you must know. Speech Development in Babies: What you must know? Doctors are of the opinion that babies generally start learning since the time they are in the womb by listening. They do so by responding to familiar voices. Experts in the field feel that newborns start developing their speech after they turn 2 months old. Much of the speech and language development in children happens between the ages of 2 and 5 years. Time line for speech development: Sounds By the time your baby turns 2 months old, he or she should begin cooing and making gurgling sounds. Babbling As your baby turns 6 months old; he or she might start making sounds with vowels strung together. This is referred to as babbling. Generally babies babble in a singsong manner. Jargon As your baby is about to reach the first birthday, he or she might talk in gibberish which is usually known as jargon. It seems like they’re talking in a language of their own and they would not usually […]

New technology could screen your child for speech & language disorders

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Is your child suffering from any type of speech and language disorder? If so then you would be happy to know that researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a special computer system. This special computer will be able to automatically screen young children for speech and language disorders. It would thereafter be able to offer special diagnosis which would help to treat the disorder. Early detection and intervention helps in treatment in a big way We can well understand your anxiety in regard to your child’s speech and language disorder. Many times it seen that the problem remains untreated because it remains undetected till long. With the problem con-tuning it could make a big difference in their later academic and social success. Research shows that early intervention in treating the problem goes a long way in the recovery process. Thus this new technology could indeed make a big difference in effectively treating of speech and language disorders of many young children. What this Computer System is all about? Researchers who developed this computer system used a computer that looks for patterns in the large sets of training data to diagnose speech and language. For conducting the test children are made to undertake a standard story telling test. Here they are first presented with a set of images and an accompanying narrative. They are thereafter made to retell the story in their own words. These are recorded and the system analyses them. The entire system is fully automated and uses very simple tools. You […]

Benefits of Video Conferencing for Speech Therapy

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Technology has since long helped us in various ways. We live in a world now which is hard to imagine without the internet. Things are happening in the technological world which was hard to consider even just about 10 years back. One of the technologies which has revolutionized the world is Video Conferencing. Apart from serving various sectors this technology is helping in the treatment of speech related disorders in a big way. You could now avail Speech Therapy through video conferencing too. Communication is really effective and succeeded only when both the speaker and listener are able to see and hear each other. This till recently was possible only if both the speaker and the listener were present in the same room physically at the same point of time. But now things have changed. Video conference has made communication between two people even if they are present at two different locations. Video Conferencing: why is it so helpful? Video conferencing (VC) means to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. It works like a video telephone. Each participant has a video camera, microphone, and speakers mounted on his or her computer. With these all the participants are able to communicate with everyone else simultaneously. It has many benefits. These include cutting down on costs of travel. People can be saved from the hassles of travelling. VC in fact now happens to be a major form of communication in the corporate sector. This technology is […]

Treating Voice disorder with Voice Therapy

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Most of us take our voice for granted. We normally never think about how the vocal cords produce voice. We therefore are often unable to detect voice disorder. According to Wikipedia , “The human voice is specifically a part of human sound production in which the vocal folds (vocal cords) are the primary sound source”. Voice is produced when air is exhaled from the lungs. This exhaled air passes over the vocal cords and make vibrate. The sound produced by the human voice depends on the muscular changes of the throat, palate and mouth. Voice Disorder: What it is and its symptoms If you see an abnormal change in the way your voice sounds then you could call it as a voice disorder. If you also have experiences of pain and discomfort in your voice, then also it could be termed as the same. The symptoms may include hoarseness, a change in pitch or even a voice crack. In case of singers they could also lose their vocal range because of the problem. If you need to clear your voice very frequently then it could be a result of this disorder. Inflammation and swelling of voice, misuse of the voice and upper respiratory problems are all the causes of this problem. Laryngeal Cancer is another cause of voice disorder which requires immediate treatment. Studies show that about 3 to 10% of the general population suffers from the problem at some point of time in their life. But certain individuals are more […]

Some Tips For Teaching Autistic Children

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurological disorder. The symptom of this disorder varies from one child to the other. The exact cause of the disorder is difficult to pin point. Thus treating the problem becomes a challenge for Speech Therapists. Teaching such children is difficult as well. However early detection and intervention with the right speech therapy may often bring in a significant difference in recovery. So as a parent you must be alert and consult a speech language pathologist (SLP) to treat the same. In this blog we have outlined some basic tips which could be used for treating an Autistic children. Early symptoms to detect As a parent you need to closely monitor the development of your child. In case of any indication of any abnormality, consultation with an expert is a must. In case you notice that the child is not responding when he or she is being called, it may be an indication. Other symptoms include lack of any facial expression, speaking with an abnormal rhythm or a tone. Tendency to repeat the same words over and over again is another symptom as well. Whatever be the indication you must arrange for early intervention with the right treatment for it. Speech Therapy greatly helps in the recovery of the disorder. Simple tips for fast learning: While teaching an autistic child you should bear in mind that all autistic children are capable of learning. You simply need to find an effective strategy to help them learn […]

How You Can Overcome the Fear of Crowd Speaking

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Crowd Speaking or Public Speaking has become an important part of Corporate Success. Many people suffer from the fear of public speaking. In the Corporate world we often need to make public speeches and presentations. So we need to be very effective public speaking. Often the fear of public speaking grips us and acts a major hurdle in our success. We may become nervous while speaking in public. Sometimes when we are to ask our boss for promotion, the same fear grips us. Some indications about this may be sweating, heart pounding. So we need to overcome the fear of the same. In this blog we will provide you some vital tips. These will help you to overcome the fear of crowd speaking. Know your Topic Thoroughly. It is said that knowledge is power. Our sound knowledge on any topic gives us confidence. So we must always put effort in preparing our topic. This will ensure that even if there are questions we can handle them smoothly. We could also prepare the answers to probable questions which may be asked. Practice the Presentation. We must practice the presentation several times. This will build our confidence and help to overcome our fear. We may also make the presentation before some close colleges to seek their feedback to help improve our performance. Getting Organized is important. While preparing the topic we must be organised. We must know the exact sequence which is to be followed during the presentation. The more organized you are the less nervous you […]

Why Corporate Speech Pathology is important?

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With growing popularity of Corporate Speech Pathology, let us see why is it so important. In the world of Business Communication plays a very important role. Though in the digital age communication is done in various formats, but in spite of this the key role of verbal communication can in no way be denied. Verbal communication skills are your ability to get your point across clearly, concisely and without any distraction, irrespective of the subject matter.  This blog will clear all your doubts about Corporate Speech Pathology . When meeting new people for your business, the initial impression almost entirely depends on your appearance and how you communicate. Thus it is imperative for every individual to be an expert in the way he or she communicates especially in the business world. But often it becomes difficult for an individual to control various aspects of communication and often lags behind in the various areas as a result of which your business gets hampered. This is where the Corporate Speech Pathology can help. Often the problems of communication is so subtle in nature it often remains unnoticed. But this subtle problem may adversely impact your business in the long run. So be it business, work or relationships, good communication skills is the key to a successful life. Who is a Corporate Speech and Language Pathologist? Corporate Speech Language Specialists (CSLPs) are experts in Communication who have in-depth knowledge and experience in communication Skill Building. A well trained Speech Pathologist is able to analyze and identify […]

The Perfect Classroom Ambiance for Speech Impaired Kids

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The ambiance of learning often motivates speech impaired kids to learn, even though they are not enthusiastic initially. In a normal classroom scenario, kids are motivated to engage in class activities and pick up lessons when they find others like them do so. They are constantly looking around to find kids absorbed in learning and they want to be a part of the process, too. It is no different for children with language disorder or speech disorders. Speech therapists can choose to work individually or in a classroom scenario. It depends on the child and the ability to pick up lessons or instructions. It is wrong to conclude that individual lessons are always beneficial for a language-deficient child. In such lessons, the onus of performance is so evident and intimidating for some children, they are not able to relax and engage in activities. They are always worried about taking wrong steps and being chided for their mistakes. On the other hand, a lesson in a classroom full of kids requiring speech therapy, kids can mingle among equals. They are not unduly scared about what will happen during the course of the lesson. Developing this perfect classroom ambiance is the work of a speech therapist. A good way to do that is by building up daily routines. Kids love and hate routines equally! To have the best of both worlds, you have to mix and match. Stick to a routine on most days and break through it once in a while as […]

Role of Speech Therapist in Speech Therapy Treatment

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Speech therapy is a serious and specialized professional service. There is no room to think that just about anyone can handle the requirements of a speech therapist with the help of logic or common sense. However, there are some exercises and practice routines where you can make a contribution towards speech therapy for your child. After consultations with a speech therapist, you can step in and help your child when you do not have the presence of a professional Speech Language Pathologist. For parents and guardians who want to chip in with some help, Speech Plus outlines some speech therapy games that you can play with your child and help them overcome speech impairment. More times than not, speech problems arise out of failure to express what they want to say. There are little physiological problems as such. For such cases, the problems can be categorized as inability to use receptive language, expressive language and deductive reasoning. Let us take them up one at a time. Receptive language is what enables the child to understand and comprehend what is going on around them. Reception of languages helps them realize what the conversation is about. You can build that up by strengthening the observation skills of the child. Point out to objects and symbols around them, like a window or a book. These objects must not be abstract, but something that is visible in plain sight. Then, shift your attention to offering clues that will enable the child to remember what […]