speech therapy in kolkata indiaChildren may have a wide array of reasons when it comes to not being able to learn. These reasons range from the physiological to the psychological. It may be due to intrinsic of extrinsic reasons. It is the duty of the parents or the teachers to understand and identify the reason as to why a child is not able to learn or pick up lessons. According to experts, a good reason for this could be speech disorders. The inability to speak properly or as fluently as their peers stops children from paying full attention to their lessons. This is where speech therapist jump-in to help your child improve their learning process.

It has a lot to do with the confidence level of these children. We have discussed this point extensively in our earlier blog posts. The problem is that child with speech impairment feel that there is no point in getting involved in the learning process mainly because they will not be able to convey the answers verbally anyway. Usually, lessons are tested verbally in a classroom situation. Our experts here at Speech Plus are not wrong when they say that even teachers are impatient to wait for answers. Students with speech issues are quickly sidelined, or not asked to answer at all!

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Speech therapy holds the key to this pressing problem. You may ask at this point, what is the need to worry about verbal answers when the child has the opportunity to score in the written exams? It is not so theoretical! Children who are unable to answer verbally in classes lose their motivation levels to study. The academically inclined students are likely to develop depression and anxiety. They may feel irritated for no reason and even pick quarrels with their peers. It is all the result of not being given a fair chance to perform and excel. Speech therapists can arm these children with the set of tools, and skills, that can help them overcome their problem areas.

By speech therapists, we are referring to skilled, professional ones, like the team at Bengal Speech. You will come across several units offering these services. Do not be swayed by convenience or other perks. Instead, get in touch with the best in the business. We have what you child needs most: a sympathetic guide and counselor. Once the child begins to trust our therapist, half the job is done. Then, it is only a matter of time before they are able to participate and contribute to class lessons and discussions. With their hesitations addressed, they may blossom into better students than what they were before!