A person suffering from voice problems experience pain and discomfort while speaking or singing. It involves difficulties in controlling the pitch, loudness and quality of the voice. When a person exhales, air gently passes through the throat, across the open vocal cords, and gradually goes out from the mouth and nose. While speaking, the vocal cords close partially as air travels through them, causing vibrations, thus producing the unique sound of one’s voice. This audio output of voice is the result of remarkable and complex interactions involving several body parts – especially the lungs, voice box (larynx) and mouth. If any of these delicate organs are damaged, it may lead to voice disorders.

Voice is an essential entity in one’s life, especially singers. Calcuttans suffering from voice disorders need immediate attention and should visit a good voice disorder treatment clinic in Kolkata. They must be aware of the possible causes of voice disorders and undergo a treatment by consulting a skilled and professional Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), delaying which might result in dangerous consequences. Anyone can develop voice problems, but people having problems in vocal cords are at a higher risk. This risk factor increases in case of a singer who might face severe internal damages while singing, if not treated on time.

It is unfortunate that singers, preachers, public orators and teachers have a high-risk of suffering from voice disorders due to the regular strain in their vocal cords. Voice disorders, however, also come with aging, when the muscles of the vocal cords are weakened. The other possible causes of voice disorders include some surgery near the vocal cords, excessive smoking, throat cancer, and the like. A trained pathologist at any good voice disorder treatment clinic in Kolkata will detect the reason of your voice disorder by studying your symptoms and your past medical histories.

The symptoms of voice disorders pointed out by the trained Speech language Pathologists at any recognised voice disorder treatment clinic in Kolkata include the following:

  • A low, hoarse and rough voice
  • Hoarseness continues for more than 2-3 weeks
  • Patient faces trouble swallowing or breathing
  • Frequently coughing or choking while swallowing solids or liquids
  • Frequent throat clearing or having the sensation that there is a lump in the throat

SLPs at any good voice disorder treatment clinic in Kolkata offer professional services like stroboscopic assessment, objective voice assessment, vocal hygiene program and voice therapies. Medical treatments includes surgical intervention and prescription of certain medicines depending on the cause and severity of the voice disorder which is usually done by an ENT specialist.

Some SLPs at voice disorder treatment clinic in Kolkata recommend voice therapies as certain voice disorders are usually best treated by them. For example, if any nodule (extra growth) in the vocal cords, is in its early stage, then it is best treated with voice therapies which are usually non-invasive, that not only preserve the original voice structure but also help in eliminating out the nodules systematically. Similarly, in cases of vocal fold paralysis, vocal fold approximation exercises help in improving the voice and making it better.

Functional voice therapy, also known as voice therapy, is the most efficient type of treatment and is preferred by most Speech language Pathologists at voice disorder treatment clinic in Kolkata. It involves regular therapeutic sessions that can even continue for several months depending on the severity of voice disorder. It is the most effective method to cure most of the voice disorders as it does not involve any risk or side effects, that might be harmful for the patient. In these therapies, some exercises are being taught so as to get rid of certain voice disorders. These sessions also include education about how the voice works and how to use it and take care of it. However, these therapies should be done only by a certified Speech Language Pathologist who have special expertise in voice disorders. They do a detailed case study of your lifestyle, your voice requirements and your habits, before prescribing any exercise.

Therefore, if you are facing voice problems for over 2 to 3 weeks, then it’s definitely an alarming bell and it is the high time that you must visit a good and recognised voice disorder treatment clinic in Kolkata. Some voice disorders often disappear, but they actually become latent, and tends to reappear with more serious effects. Delaying your treatment for voice disorders might lead to dangerous, and even irreversible consequences, especially if you are a singer. A good voice disorder treatment clinic in Kolkata not only gives individual attention to patients, but also aims at making their life better. Your voice is precious, and if you are a singer then it is the only asset you have.