Are you suffering from voice disorder ? Feeling humiliated to speak in public? Voice refers to the sound which is produced by human beings using the lungs and the vocal box. Voice gets produced when air is exhaled from the lungs passes over the vocal cords to get them vibrated.  In simple terms voice is when our lungs, muscles and nerves work together to produce human sound.

Voice disorder is a state when the pitch, loudness or quality draws more attention than actually what the speaker is saying. It may also cause a state when the speaker may experience pain or discomfort while speaking or singing. We at Speech Plus as a leading provider of Voice Disorder treatment in Kolkata examine here below some basic facts and treatments:

Voice Disorder - Treatment at Speech Plus

Some basic symptoms of voice disorders may be Hoarseness, cracking of the voice, sudden pitch, change in pitch, vocal fatigue or pain, tremor of voice, Loss of vocal range while singing etc.

Causes of Voice Disorders: Some basic causes may be Upper respiratory Problems, Acid Reflux, Excessive strain on Voice owing to abuse/misuse, Laryngeal cancer, Inflammation or swelling etc.

If you have identified that you are suffering from voice disorder based on the above symptoms mentioned above, it calls for diagnosis and treatment. You in such case must visit an otolaryngologist or an ENT who would examine and determine the course of treatment.

The treatment of Voice disorders may be in the form of medication, Voice therapy or even surgery in extreme cases, or a combination as required.

Voice Therapy : Through Voice therapy involves Vocal hygiene recommendations, vocal exercises and modification of designed individually depending on the need of the individual. It has been found that in case of Voice therapy different people undergoing voice therapy respond differently to the therapy. There are a number of factors which determine the progress of the voice therapy. These are age, the degree of the severity of the problem, the length of period from which the patient has been suffering from voice disorder, any co –existing medical conditions prevalent. The prime aim of the therapy is to bring the voice to a condition which is found acceptable in occupation and society at large.

For many professionals speech forms a primary need for example in teachers and professors are professionals where a lot of speaking becomes necessary. So based on this voice disorders may be a major limitation and needs to be treated immediately owing to their professional need.

Voice Therapy is carried out by Speech and language Pathologist.(SLP) and he must be sufficiently trained and experienced to provide the best voice therapy.

At Speechplus we have understood the importance of treating Voice disorders effectively through voice therapy. This is why we have at our centre highly qualified and trained Speech and Language Pathologists to provide the best of Voice Therapy.