Video Conferencing

Communication is really effective and succeeded only when both the speaker and listener are able to see and hear each other, which is only possible if they are in the same room or within a certain reachable zone. But with video conferencing communication is possible irrespective of participants being in the same room or across the other side of the world.

Videoconferencing is an updated method of conferencing between two or more locations where both sound and vision are transmitted and received so as to enable simultaneous interactive communication between two communicator where either of the two is residing in a remote area.

Necessity of videoconferencing in Speech Language Pathology

Speech and Language therapy is an ongoing process and needs proper follow up sessions to measure the build out. Often it happens that patients are unable to continue the therapeutic sessions due to migration which interrupts patients established skills and further development.

Unfortunately far flung patients are unable to receive our therapy due to their dissociate residency.


To start with video conferencing you need to contact at our helpline number:

Your name address and other details are important to be registered

With your provided information our representative will provide you the appointed time.

You need to be ready with your connection up at your allotted time and you will be helped out with the valuable opinion from our experienced Speech Language Pathologist regarding your problem.

Pre- requisites of Video Conferencing

  1. The conference environment,
  2. The conference equipment that converts the images and speech of the participants to a format that enables transmission to a remote site over the network (a computer)
  3. The conference network that links the sites together (high speed internet connection).

Advice for Participants

Dressing for the Camera – Strong saturated colours and white shirts are not recommended.
Illumination – proper light in the room is essential
Echo Cancellers these devices are used to cancel the echoes caused by transmission. A good device is efficient to reduce all traces of echo during a conference.
Absence of background noise.
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