Technology has since long helped us in various ways. We live in a world now which is hard to imagine without the internet. Things are happening in the technological world which was hard to consider even just about 10 years back. One of the technologies which has revolutionized the world is Video Conferencing. Apart from serving various sectors this technology is helping in the treatment of speech related disorders in a big way. You could now avail Speech Therapy through video conferencing too. Communication is really effective and succeeded only when both the speaker and listener are able to see and hear each other. This till recently was possible only if both the speaker and the listener were present in the same room physically at the same point of time. But now things have changed. Video conference has made communication between two people even if they are present at two different locations.

Video Conferencing: why is it so helpful?

Video conferencing (VC) means to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. It works like a video telephone. Each participant has a video camera, microphone, and speakers mounted on his or her computer. With these all the participants are able to communicate with everyone else simultaneously. It has many benefits. These include cutting down on costs of travel. People can be saved from the hassles of travelling. VC in fact now happens to be a major form of communication in the corporate sector. This technology is now also being frequently being used in the medical field too. 

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How Video Conferencing helps in Speech Therapy?

To avail speech therapy you have to be patient. The recovery from speech disorders through speech therapy depends on many factors. These include the time when the disorder is detected. The sooner the detection the better is the chance of recovery. But throughout the treatment you must be patient. You need to attend the speech therapy sessions over long periods of time. This needs to be done regularly. It is important that there are no delays between the therapy sessions. So attending them regularly without fail is a key for recovery. 

To attend the Speech Therapy sessions, you must visit the clinic at the appointed time provided by the designated Speech Therapist. Thus you may often find it difficult to keep up with the schedule. Besides during the tenure of the speech therapy you might be relocated to a different city. All these might severely hamper the Speech Therapy sessions. This is where VC comes in handy. 

With VC you can avail the convenience of availing the therapy from the comfort of your own home. You can cut down on the cost and trouble of commuting to the clinic to attend each therapy session. It would enables easier scheduling. The services can be availed in a natural environment, which allows the patient to be comfortable and relaxed and thus helps in the speech therapy. It ensures better productivity of the speech therapist as well.  

All in all speech therapy through Video Conference indeed helps. However it is only few clinics that are able to provide patients with this unique technological facility. We at Speech Plus are one of the few speech therapy clinics offering this facility . Visit our website to know more.