Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurological disorder. The symptom of this disorder varies from one child to the other. The exact cause of the disorder is difficult to pin point. Thus treating the problem becomes a challenge for Speech Therapists. Teaching such children is difficult as well. However early detection and intervention with the right speech therapy may often bring in a significant difference in recovery. So as a parent you must be alert and consult a speech language pathologist (SLP) to treat the same. In this blog we have outlined some basic tips which could be used for treating an Autistic children.

Early symptoms to detect

As a parent you need to closely monitor the development of your child. In case of any indication of any abnormality, consultation with an expert is a must. In case you notice that the child is not responding when he or she is being called, it may be an indication. Other symptoms include lack of any facial expression, speaking with an abnormal rhythm or a tone. Tendency to repeat the same words over and over again is another symptom as well. Whatever be the indication you must arrange for early intervention with the right treatment for it. Speech Therapy greatly helps in the recovery of the disorder.

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Simple tips for fast learning:

While teaching an autistic child you should bear in mind that all autistic children are capable of learning. You simply need to find an effective strategy to help them learn fast. You need to be patient and realize that their learning should be evaluated over time in relation to their own learning. So do not compare this with the development of other children.

You must also realize that Autistic children generally tend to be visual thinkers. So if you use pictures instead of verbal commands, they are likely to learn faster. It is because of this that there is a tendency for them to draw well. So you could also encourage them to draw well.

Another strategy which you employ to teach them is to use their special interests towards learning. Generally it has been observed that Autistic children fixate their attention on specific interests. You could use this to your advantage to use it to help them learn faster.

You could devise ways to make writing easier for them. Most Autistic children have problems in writing. So instead of making them write you could encourage them to type at the computer. In fact it has also been noted that some autistic children are goods at computers so you encourage learning on it.

Some individuals with autism will respond better and have improved eye contact and speech if the teacher interacts with them while they are swinging on a swing or rolled up in a mat.

The symptoms of Autism vary largely. Some children may often get disturbed at sudden loud sounds. These could be the sudden ringing of the door bell or other sounds. It is best to have them protected against sudden loud noises.

Speech Therapists or SLPs are experts in teaching Autistic child. So you must treat the disorder with speech therapy. As a parent your role too is critical. During the sessions try to pick up about ways which the SLP is using to teach the child. You could try to learn the same and repeat them at home.

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