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Defeat Voice and Speech Problems with speech therapy

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Stammering is one kind of Speech Problems, usually considered as a tough fight of an individual to get the words out. So, it makes completely different from the usual non fluency that we all experience. Stammering varies tremendously from person to person and is often likely that a stammering person is fluent at one minute and struggling to speak the next. Stammering is a serious communication problem. It can adversely affect a person whether he is an adult or child. It can erode their self confidence and self esteem which consequently affects their interactions with others as well as their education and employment prospects. However you should not have much reason to worry. Speech therapy has proven to be very effective and at Speech Plus in Kolkata, we have a specialist team of speech language pathologists, trained to help with speech, voice or language related difficulties and challenges in everyday, business and academic settings. Speech Plus is a unique speech therapy clinic in Kolkata. Our main aim is to treat each patient as a distinctive case, observe and analyze them and get into the root of the Speech Problems. Speech Plus also provides professional Voice disorder therapy in Kolkata. Colds, allergies, bronchitis, exposure to irritants such as ammonia or cheering for your favorite sports team can result in loss of voice. Voice therapy is an individualized combination of vocal hygiene recommendations, modification of vocal behaviors and exercises designed to address specific vocal problems. We have an expert team of voice […]

New innovations which will help in treating speech related disorders

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Is your child suffering from speech related disorders? Then you would be happy to know that IBM recently unveiled the annual 5 in 5. This is a list of some ground breaking innovations that will potentially change the way we work, live and interact with others. This is being set to be achieved in the next 5 years time. This also includes the treatment of speech disorders. Being in the field of treating speech related disorders, we have regularly kept you updated about the latest in speech therapy through our blogs and other postings. In this we will make you aware about how this new innovation may help in treating the  speech problems. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) you could have dramatic developments in mental health including treating speech related disorders Brain disorders, including developmental, psychiatric and neuro degenerative diseases often cause speech or language disorders as well. Brain is something which we do not at present fully understand. However speech is a key to unlock it. In five years, what we say and write will be used as indicators of our mental health and physical well being. Patterns in our speech and writing analyzed by new cognitive systems will provide tell-tale signs of early-stage developmental disorders, mental illness and degenerative neurological diseases. This is what can help doctors and patients better predict, monitor and track these conditions. At IBM, currently scientists are using transcripts and audio inputs from psychiatric interviews. These are being coupled with machine learning techniques, to find […]

Different Types of Speech Therapy Treatment in Kolkata

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Speech therapy is no longer something that is mentioned like a hushed rumor. Moreover now there are Different Types of Speech Therapy Treatment in Kolkata. It is very much prescribed to children you know or even have in your house. Make no mistake, speech therapy is a part of mainstream learning process for most of these children. These children may not have any serious speech problems but it is necessary in most cases to use speech therapy in order to iron out the creases. There are different types of speech therapy, depending on the kind of therapy required by the person. These different types serve different ends and are customized according to the need of the child or person. Articulation therapy:- At the very top of this list is articulation therapy. This therapy is required to pronounce better and speak in a manner that makes it possible for others to understand. There are two steps in the articulation therapy method. One is the part where the learner is taught how to hear a sound and register it in the mind. The next part is to pronounce that sound through imitation. The sound of the words are broken up into syllables to ensure that the learner has little trouble in pronouncing it. The steps of pronouncing syllables slowly build up into words and then into sentences and finally into intelligible conversation. It is one of the most popular speech therapy in treatment Kolkata.  Language therapy:- The next type of speech therapy is language […]

How Speech Therapist Help Stroke Survivors

Strokes are no more rare. Look around you and you will find someone or the other who knows someone who’s had a stroke sometime or the other. It is definitely a life-changing event, if you can call it that. Strokes have a catastrophic effect on the functioning of the human body. Because in more cases than not, it seriously affects the brain, strokes can lead to speech impairment. Speech becomes slurred as one part of the brain is affected and nerves are damaged. Speech Plus, a concern of Bengal Speech, has worked with many stroke survivors to enable them to communicate freely and fluently. You have to take note here: even when the stroke victims are apparently speaking normally, they have difficulties in pronouncing words, expressing feelings or articulating speech. They may try to cover it up because they are too embarrassed to express their struggle. But they do have issues. The best way out is to get in a speech therapist who can identify the problem, if any, and help them get over it. More often than not, it is a psychological issue. How A Speech Therapist Can Help? Studies have shown that stroke victims are less able to handle stress. It is harmful for them to handle stress anyway. We are talking here about everyday normal functions like going out to the loo. As the person will physically struggle to go in, they feel an inordinate amount of strain on their nerves. The same happens when they want […]

Speech Therapy to Deal with Parkinson’s Disease

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There are two conditions that Parkinson’s Disease brings along with it: dysphagia in which the sufferer finds it difficult to swallow and the dysarthria in which it is difficult to speak. As obvious from the conditions, a person suffering from this disease is more likely to find it very hard to speak or communicate. Speech therapy is recommended and in most cases, it has worked for patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. What is needed is a team of specialized speech therapists like Speech Plus. If the care is offered in the early stages, encouraging results are obtained. However, as obvious to anyone who knows a little about Parkinson’s Disease and the havoc it wrecks on the nervous system, speech therapists have their work cut out. It is very tough to offer speech therapy to such people that will help their problem. A speech therapist, in such cases, has to teach the ways to conserve energy and air in the lungs to speak loudly enough to be audible. Non-verbal communication is also taught by the therapist. Specific areas of concern need to be addressed as well. For example, the person may be taught on how to swallow correctly and seamlessly. It sure is an uphill task. Role of Speech Therapist in Parkinson’s Disease Treatment We have outlined some tips culled from speech therapists at Speech Plus. These tips will come in handy for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Firstly, pick as noiseless an ambiance as you possibly can. There is no […]