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Symptoms and Causes of Hoarseness

Hoarseness is a voice disorder in which the person’s voice changes abnormally. A hoarse voice may sound rough, strained and breathy and there may even be changes in the pitch and volume of the voice. Sound is produced when the vocal folds vibrate while air leaves the lungs. Hoarseness may occur when there is a malformation in the vocal folds or the vocal cord – the main organs responsible for one’s voice. Swelling or lumps on the vocal folds prevent them from coming together properly while speaking or singing (vocal folds stay apart while a person is breathing), which makes a change in the voice, resulting in hoarseness – a common form of voice disorder. Hoarseness treatment in Kolkata varies from person to person, depending on the cause and symptoms of hoarseness that the concerned person is suffering from. Some common symptoms of hoarseness are as follows: Shortness of breath Sore throat Neck swelling General weakness Fever Frequent coughing Wheezing Feels hot to touch Abnormal pain in throat Weight loss Hoarseness lasts for more than 2-3 weeks Pain in the throat which is not due to cold or flu Blood comes up while coughing Swallowing difficulties Swelling or lump sensation  in the throat Complete loss or severe change in voice that lasts for many days If you have these symptoms, immediately consult a certified Speech Language Pathologist at a good clinic dealing with hoarseness treatment in Kolkata. Delaying a voice disorder treatment may grow worse, and may have adverse effects […]

How to Prevent Voice Disorders?

Your voice is a very vital part of your life, and you need to take proper care of it. Life cannot be imagined without voice, that is without, speech or spoken language. It is your responsibility to preserve your God-gifted natural voice, and to take every preventive measure possible to avoid voice disorders. Prevention is always better than cure, as not all voice disorders can be treated. People with voice disorders willing for Voice Therapy should consult a certified Speech Language Pathologist at a recognised clinic dealing with voice disorder therapy in Kolkata. While some voice problems are temporary, and usually go away with time, others may be permanent and might even lead to dangerous consequences. Voice disorders vary according to their cause and type, like vocal fold paralysis, vocal fold nodules or polyps, paradoxical vocal fold movement (PVFM), spasmodic dysphonia, and others. Fortunately, most of the voice disorders are preventable, and one should not neglect the following preventive tips that are recommended by vocal health professionals at good centres of voice disorder therapy in Kolkata. Avoid voice misuse and overuse – This means that you should avoid shouting excessively and for prolonged periods of time. Speak in a low volume, without hurting or over-exercising your voice. Also, avoid noisy areas as far as possible, as you may be required to talk in a much higher volume. If you really need to talk to a noisy crowd, use a microphone to amplify your voice. Vocal health professionals at good clinics […]