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Myths and Facts of Stammering Treatment

There are some common myths about stammering problems and it is our duty to eradicate them by pointing out the facts. Some common bad habits that originate from these myths are keeping oneself in isolation, feeling guilty, feeling the need of hiding stammering problems, feeling inferior or socially backward or fearing failures. Let us have a glance at the popular myths and the facts about stammering (or stuttering) problems.  1.        Myth: Stammering people are not smart.              Fact: There is no link at all between stammering and intelligence. 2.        Myth: Stammering is caused from nervousness, anxiety or a traumatic incident.              Fact: Stammering is not caused from nervousness, neither is it a psychological problem. Also, it is not right to assume that stammering people are prone to be nervous, anxious, or shy. Even non-stammering people can be as shy and reserved as them. There are many stutterers who are very open and outgoing. 3.         Myth: Stammering can be “caught” by imitating others or by listening to another person stutter.               Fact: Stammering is not a contagious disease that would be “caught”. Although the exact causes of stammering are not yet known, but recent research indicates that it might arise from hereditary or genetic causes, neuromuscular development, and the child’s environment as well. 4.          Myth: It is helpful to tell a stammering person to […]

Relation between Hearing ability and Speech development

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It is a well recognized fact that there is a close relation between hearing ability and speech development. It has often been seen that children having hearing problems also suffer from speech problems. If this hearing loss develops early, then there would be more serious effects on the child’s speech development. That’s why according to speech language pathologists, early identification of any type of hearing loss is essential in children so that early intervention can help treat the problem. Hearing loss and speech development in children There are four major ways in which hearing loss affects children: 1.  Hearing loss may cause a delay in the development of receptive and expressive communication skills both i.e speech as well as language. This means vocabulary development gets delayed in hearing impaired child. The gap in vocabulary in children with hearing loss and normal children starts to widen as the child grows old. Thus the child may not be able to express him or herself easily. Apart from these children suffering from hearing loss may not hear their own voices while they are speaking. Speech Language Pathologists say that for this reason they may speak too loudly or not loud enough. The child may also have a speaking pitch that is too high. They may sound like they are mumbling. This is because of poor stress, poor inflection, or also poor rate of speaking. 1.    The child suffering from hearing loss also has speech language deficit. This in turn causes learning problems that […]

Does Your Friend Have Speech Disorder Problem?

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Some ailments are like the proverbial speck in the eye, like the darkness beneath the lamp. It is right there for everyone to see, but the person concerned has no idea about its presence. Nothing suits this example more than speech disorder. Unless the problem is acute, like a bout of stammering, the person is rarely aware of the problem though they are suffering from it. It takes a wise friend or family member to point it out and set them off on the path of recovery. There are various giveaways by which you can quickly figure out, if your friend or family member is suffering from speech impairment. The most common one is, of course, the problem of stammering. If the problem is acute, the person who is stuttering knows it. But if it is quite subtle, they are unable to figure it out. You can understand it when you find your friend repeating sounds or adding extra sounds to the usual syllables. It can be quite in an obsessive manner. A person suffering from speech disorder is also likely to elongate sound and pronunciations. It is not just the verbal cues that give away their problem. You have to read into the non-verbal gestures as well. For example, a person struggling with their speech will tend to make rapid hand movements, like the gestures of an obsessed person. It is usually so because they are suffering from an internal turmoil. The words tumbling out of their mouths are […]

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