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What is Misarticulating ? Is Speech Therapy Helpful?

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Have you ever wondered if Misarticulating can be treated? Well we have the answer. Communication forms an integral part of our lives now. It determines our progress in life in terms of cracking job interviews, the way we conduct our business, even our relationships with near and dear ones depends a lot  on the way we communicate. Verbal communication is perhaps the most important part of communication. In verbal communication articulation is one of the keys of effective communication. It is the process the speech organs like tongue, lips, palate interact after air stream comes out of the Vocal chords and produce sounds, syllables and words. A person with a disorder of articulation produces sounds, syllables or words, incorrectly, so that the listeners are unable to understand what he or she is trying to speak. The defects in articulation may include certain disorders like errors types of omissions, substitution or that of distortions. The Causes of Misarticulating: The causes of misarticulating may be many. These may be cerebral palsy which means a weakness or problem in the brain. This is what affects many young children leading to Misarticulating along with other defects. Cleft palate also causes misarticulation. Some other causes of misarticulating may be because of hearing loss or dental problems. Though the problem of articulating though arises on account of physical disability, certain functional articulation defects may arise out of faulty learning practices of speech sounds may also be the culprit in many cases. Studies have shown that in case […]

Singing Therapy as Part of Speech Therapy

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Of late, search therapists the world over are turning over to the age-old time-tested recipe to familiarize children with words: singing therapy. Before speech therapy became as established scientific practice, singing was definitely a tool to make children listen to words, phrases and pronunciations. The fact that these words were stitched with music ensured that the lyrics were easier to remember, as opposed to the lines of a poem. Kids loved to recite them back. The therapy proceeded with a lot of fanfare rather than in a grim classroom! Therapists today are again discovering the known benefits of this process. Keeping in mind this new surge in Speech Language Pathology or SLP, we are outlining some points as to why singing can be useful in speech therapy. Firstly, singing therapy captures attention like nothing else. Children, especially toddlers, are not likely to give you any attention at all unless you are really interesting in your presentation of the therapy lesson. However, when you sing to them, all the formality of a classroom goes out of the window immediately. You have the wholehearted attention of the child, even when they are playing with toys. Now sing out to them with words that you want to talk back! Yes, it is that easy! Secondly, singing therapy makes the therapist more approachable for the child. This is a key issue with therapists. Children often feel intimidated by their presence and it takes a long time for them to open up and cooperate or […]

Nudging a Coworker towards Speech Disorder Treatment

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It is quite wrong to assume that speech disorder treatment is something that only children should go for! There are so many adults having problems with their speech. It can be due to a variety of reasons. For example, as you know, stammering is most often caused by nervousness or anxiety. Some adults may stammer when they are called on to speak at important events. This is a perfect case of a coworker stammering during a presentation or a group discussion. In the professional sphere, failing to speak impressively can cause professional damage. It does not take a second for a client to shift their attention away from the presentation if the speaker stammers or talks in an unclear voice. The concerned person may be very adept at their job but they fail to make an impression because their speech is so dull. It is important for such professionals to ask for help from a speech therapist. More often than not, such individuals are not proactive about seeking help from an expert. You have to nudge them towards getting help for their  speech problem. This nudge can be a very delicate and critical task! If you are not very tactful, you may end up hurting the person’s feelings. This sort of a blunder has a two-fold effect. First, the person will get defensive and refuse to seek help, assuring you that nothing is wrong with their speech. Second, the consciousness of the problem will make it worse. They will feel worried […]

Technology Takes Speech Impairment Treatment Forward

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The primary job of machines, and technology, is to make life easier and simpler. This thumb rule applies to all forms of innovation and invention. It is no different now for tasks seemingly exclusive to human beings. For example, you cannot have a machine to act as a caregiver, at least not till date! However, with rapid strides in technology, speech impairment treatment is a field that has benefited immensely. This is another area where only human beings were deemed fit for work. Modern technology has changed all of that! Meet Kaspar, a robot designed at the University of Hertfordshire. The purpose of this robot is to interact and help communication skills in autistic children. It was developed in 2005 and only over the next few years that it has shaped up to be a good friend to children who have special needs for communication. Over time, Kaspar has picked up new skills in interaction, making it more ‘human’ by the day! It can play games like peekaboo or help children imitate words and phrases. Obviously, with time, it will develop further skills to take on its job of a full-fledged speech therapist! Kaspar is no flash in the pan when it comes to speech therapy through technology. The Sheffield University has developed a computer program that helps patients who have suffered strokes to communicate or speak. As you know, strokes often wrecks havoc with the speech of a person. At times, the person can barely put a few words or […]

Non-Professionals Harm Speech Language Pathology

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The single largest threat to the practice of speech language pathology is the existence of non-professionals in the arena. These are those who masquerade as professionals but are not trained to play the role. They have picked up the basics of speech language pathology or SLP from one source or another. With this limited knowledge, they have started practicing this rather specialized job! There is one major reason why people do not call their bluff more often: the lack of general awareness about their existence and the harm that they can do. Usually speaking, the speech therapy provided in many institutions, even schools, are offered by these non-professional SLPs. The reasons vary from the possible to the bizarre! For example, most of these speech therapy schools or clinics lack the budget or the government funding is not enough. As a result, they have to hire anyone who claims to be a trained SLP. There is little need for a thorough check into the person’s credentials because frankly, no one cares! In this scenario, handling over the speech therapy of a child to such a therapist is not different from taking snippets of advice on speech therapy from the neighbourhood hack! Studies have proven time and again that if the right kind of therapy is not provided to the child at an impressionable age, the problem can grow deeper roots. You have to ensure that the child requiring therapy is in good hands. In fact, the genuine SLPs often have to […]

Does Your Friend Have Speech Disorder Problem?

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Some ailments are like the proverbial speck in the eye, like the darkness beneath the lamp. It is right there for everyone to see, but the person concerned has no idea about its presence. Nothing suits this example more than speech disorder. Unless the problem is acute, like a bout of stammering, the person is rarely aware of the problem though they are suffering from it. It takes a wise friend or family member to point it out and set them off on the path of recovery. There are various giveaways by which you can quickly figure out, if your friend or family member is suffering from speech impairment. The most common one is, of course, the problem of stammering. If the problem is acute, the person who is stuttering knows it. But if it is quite subtle, they are unable to figure it out. You can understand it when you find your friend repeating sounds or adding extra sounds to the usual syllables. It can be quite in an obsessive manner. A person suffering from speech disorder is also likely to elongate sound and pronunciations. It is not just the verbal cues that give away their problem. You have to read into the non-verbal gestures as well. For example, a person struggling with their speech will tend to make rapid hand movements, like the gestures of an obsessed person. It is usually so because they are suffering from an internal turmoil. The words tumbling out of their mouths are […]

How to Improve Corporate Speaking Skills?

Speaking in a corporate sphere is not a cakewalk for many. Even for the most articulate of speakers, addressing clients or customers can be a daunting task. It requires precision of words and appropriate expression. Anything too loud or too soft will ring false with the person who is listening to what you are saying. Call Speech Pathologists to Improve Corporate Speaking Skills. Speaking in a professional zone also brings out a stammer or stutter in people. They may otherwise be very fluent with their words but when it comes to speaking in front of an audience who can judge the speaker, they get tongue-tied. This is mainly due to lack of confidence. Inability to pronounce certain words and phrases correctly can have a dampening effect on the self-confidence of the speaker. Speech Plus brings you a unique opportunity to brush up your corporate speaking skills. At our workshop, speech therapists and counsellors will take you through the motions of professional speaking. You will be taught about the basics, along with the best possible way of putting words to your thoughts without having to grope around for them. These are professional soft skills that can change your career on its head. People who stammer or stutter their way through interviews or discussions cannot move ahead in their career because no matter what job you do, you need basic speaking skills. In a professional zone, you are always needed to address team members, superiors or even customers on a daily basis. Without the necessary […]

How Children with Speech Impairment faces Social Stigma

Children do not like their counterparts who are different in any way. In a sense, children can be quite cruel that way, especially in a group. It is now common knowledge that whenever children find anyone a little different from what the majority is, they pick on that particular child. Commonly termed as bullying, the social implications can scar a child for life. Among school children, one of the most common reasons of bullying a child is usually speech impairment. The disorder can be in any form or type. It can simply be a physiological problem that is beyond the control of the child. Or, it can be something related to the psychological upbringing of the child. For example, if a child is scolded excessively at home, they lose the confidence of voicing their opinions. When it comes to speaking in class, this dread of saying something aloud soon catches up with them. They stutter and stammer hopelessly. What’s worse, when the other child laugh at them, the problem becomes even more complex and difficult to shun. The child develops long-term complications in speaking, even in individual conversations and not just in speaking publicly. For children with speech disorders, the world of school or any other group activity with other children can be a traumatic experience. If your child is going through this kind of a nightmare, you need immediate help. You have to get in touch with professional speech therapists, like the ones we have at Speech Plus. It […]

Getting Your Toddler to Talk: Self Talk and Parallel Talk

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There is a time in the growth of your child when you feel a little worried if the child does not talk or at least utter some gibberish. There is little cause for worry as such. However, parents are a little flustered and begin to see some warning signs in orange if there is absolutely no effort on the child’s part to talk. Only a speech therapist can tell you for sure if the age for your child to talk is already in or you need to wait a little longer. Usually, some children actually begin to talk a little later in their life. When they latch up, they will make you forget the silent period pretty soon! Coming back to the worry part, speech therapists at our end at Speech Plus suggests a couple of speech therapy techniques that you can try at home. Of course, there is no and cannot be an alternative to actually consulting a speech therapist. While doing so, you can check out two methods called Self Talk and Parallel Talk. Let us describe them one at a time. Self Talk is the art of speaking about what you are doing in front of the child. You should describe your actions in a simple manner with words that your child can pick up. For example, if you are cleaning the fridge while the child plays around, talk aloud what you are doing. It will help the child associate your words with your actions. Also, the […]

Job Description of a Speech Language Pathologist

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A speech language pathologist or SLP as they are popularly known as, is more than just a speech therapist. The job of a therapist limited to a certain extent. It is more of a practitioner who takes the concerned person through some speech drills and exercises on a regular basis. An SLP, on the other hand, has a more inclusive job description. Consider this example. A child has already crossed over the age of 2 years without making any noticeable improvement in speaking. In fact, other than a few guttural sounds, there is hardly any word spoken by the child. Alarming trends, for sure! This is the cue for Speech Language Pathologist to step in and figure out what the problem can possibly be. There are some qualified and professional SLPs on our team here at Speech Plus. In the said example, the approach of the SLP expert has to be thorough. The first point to check is the overall development of the child’s mental faculties with respect to the speaking ability. There may be a mismatch or the mental development may show an equal amount of stunted growth. The SLP will get to the root of this problem to identify what prevents the child from speaking. The diagnosis is half of the job done. Next, the item on the agenda is to check for speaking milestones and how far they have been achieved, if at all. These are some words and sounds which the child is expected to speak […]