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How Speech Therapists helps in treating language disorder in Kolkata?

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It is estimated that about 11 to 12 million people suffer from stammering in India. It is a common problem which affects many. However, with Speech Therapy under a competent Speech therapists, this speech and voice disorder can indeed be overcome. This is especially true if it is detected and treated early with the right speech language pathology treatment. In this blog we will try to make you aware about the many benefits of speech therapy and about speech therapy in Kolkata. Let us however first try to understand who a speech therapist is. Speech Therapists: Who they are? Speech therapists is also known as a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLPs). According to Wikipedia “Speech and language therapist, or speech therapist, is one who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of communication disorders, cognition, voice disorders, and swallowing disorders“. How speech therapy is helpful? Speech therapy can help treat speech disorders in many ways. This includes Articulation Skills and treating Speech Intelligibility. Intelligibility refers to how well people are able to follow a child’s speech. If a child’s articulation skills are compromised for some reason, his or her intelligibility gets decreased in comparison to that of other children his age. They can also help to improve the child’s expressive language skills. Listening skills are important for speech. A SLP can help a child to develop listening skills and also the child’s ability to listen and understand languages. Stuttering is a very common speech disorder affecting many. It is characterized by […]

Relation between Hearing ability and Speech development

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It is a well recognized fact that there is a close relation between hearing ability and speech development. It has often been seen that children having hearing problems also suffer from speech problems. If this hearing loss develops early, then there would be more serious effects on the child’s speech development. That’s why according to speech language pathologists, early identification of any type of hearing loss is essential in children so that early intervention can help treat the problem. Hearing loss and speech development in children There are four major ways in which hearing loss affects children: 1.  Hearing loss may cause a delay in the development of receptive and expressive communication skills both i.e speech as well as language. This means vocabulary development gets delayed in hearing impaired child. The gap in vocabulary in children with hearing loss and normal children starts to widen as the child grows old. Thus the child may not be able to express him or herself easily. Apart from these children suffering from hearing loss may not hear their own voices while they are speaking. Speech Language Pathologists say that for this reason they may speak too loudly or not loud enough. The child may also have a speaking pitch that is too high. They may sound like they are mumbling. This is because of poor stress, poor inflection, or also poor rate of speaking. 1.    The child suffering from hearing loss also has speech language deficit. This in turn causes learning problems that […]

Speech Language Pathology for treating Speech & Language Disorder

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Are you aware of Speech Language Pathology (SLP) or Speech Therapy? This is used for treatment of speech disorders amongst children and adults. There are different types of speech disorders. A speech disorder refers to a problem with the actual production of sounds. A language disorder on the other hand refers to a problem understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas. There may be different types of speech disorders. These include stammering, misarticulation, late speaking etc. Language disorders may be Repetitive disorders, expressive disorders or Cognitive-communication disorders. Whatever be the type of disorder, early detection and treatment helps in a big way. The earlier the problem is detected and treated the better are chances of recovery. So you need to be alert and arrange for treatment in case a problem in your child is detected. Speech Language Pathology or Speech Therapy helps in treating the problem.  Who is a Speech Language Pathologist or a Speech Therapist? Speech Language Pathologist (SLPs) or Speech Therapists are therapists who specialize in treatment of Speech and language problems. Speech Therapy is no longer something which is mentioned like a hushed rumor. It is now the most common form of treatment for speech or language disorders. Autism is a major cause of speech or language disorder. Speech-language therapy addresses persons suffering from autism with a variety of techniques.  Speech Language or therapy coordinates the the mechanics of speech with the meaning and social use of language. The SLP first assesses an individual’s verbal aptitudes and challenges. He or she thereafter sets […]

Some Fun Kids Speech Therapy Exercises

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Kids Speech therapy need not be dreary or monotonous. When you are dealing with kids, if you take the fun quotient out of the equation, you automatically make the job tougher. Kids love to participate in any activity where they can have fun. Your job is to mix the learning bit cautiously without spoiling the fun part. The same holds true for speech therapy. The experts here at Speech Plus have come up with some fun exercises that will help your kid get to speaking fluently. You, as a parent or guardian, have a major role to play here. A very common but effective speech exercise is to mirror actions or imitate them. Children with speech problems may find it tough to pronounce words simply because they are not sure about the facial movements. Our speech therapist will articulate the words out for the kids. Then these kids are asked to repeat the words while facing a mirror. The ability to imitate is usually very strong in children. This ability will help them pronounce words as they should be. And if they continue practicing it for some time, they will surely start improving. Game Plays Important Role in Kids Speech Therapy Guess Who? is another popular game that comes in handy for speech therapy. In this game, kids are expected to guess the name of a person or even a place by taking guesses. This game has a two-fold purpose: improving pronunciation and vocabulary. The difficulty in saying out uncommon […]

How Speech Therapist Help Stroke Survivors

Strokes are no more rare. Look around you and you will find someone or the other who knows someone who’s had a stroke sometime or the other. It is definitely a life-changing event, if you can call it that. Strokes have a catastrophic effect on the functioning of the human body. Because in more cases than not, it seriously affects the brain, strokes can lead to speech impairment. Speech becomes slurred as one part of the brain is affected and nerves are damaged. Speech Plus, a concern of Bengal Speech, has worked with many stroke survivors to enable them to communicate freely and fluently. You have to take note here: even when the stroke victims are apparently speaking normally, they have difficulties in pronouncing words, expressing feelings or articulating speech. They may try to cover it up because they are too embarrassed to express their struggle. But they do have issues. The best way out is to get in a speech therapist who can identify the problem, if any, and help them get over it. More often than not, it is a psychological issue. How A Speech Therapist Can Help? Studies have shown that stroke victims are less able to handle stress. It is harmful for them to handle stress anyway. We are talking here about everyday normal functions like going out to the loo. As the person will physically struggle to go in, they feel an inordinate amount of strain on their nerves. The same happens when they want […]