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Speech and Swallowing Therapy after Stroke or Parkinson’s

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Speech and Swallowing Therapy

Experience the amazing power of Speech and Swallowing Therapy after Stroke or Parkinson’s without the hassle of coming down to clinic

Speech and swallowing are two major factors that are usually affected following stroke, Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases thereby reducing an individuals “quality of life”. With our highly trained speech and swallowing therapist improve your speech, language and swallowing skills and train your brain to speak and eat better.

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What Is Swallowing Disorder?

Swallowing disorder of Dysphagia is a medical condition in which the affected person faces difficulties in swallowing solids or liquids down the food pipe or esophagus to the stomach. It is often termed as a symptom or sign of some other disease or disorder. However, as it is gradually increasing among many, it can be treated as an issue that needs distinct attention and should be dealt with separately.There can be many causes of Dysphagia, some of which are –

Strokes – a disease in which damage to the brain from interruption of its blood supply.

Brain injury – in patients with traumatic brain injury, the anatomic and physiologic status of the swallowing mechanism may be impaired, thus resulting in Dysphagia.

Spinal cord injury – Dysphagia is caused from acute cervical spinal cord injuries.

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Stroke Speech Therapist

The Stroke Speech Therapist of Kolkata associated with Speech Plus are highly quality with over 6 years of study and over 10 years of experience working in clinic and hospital set up. The treatment are highly structured and systematic beginning with a detailed assessment of the patients current level of functioning followed by systematic post therapeutic assessment to measure progress.

Swallowing Therapist

We treat swallowing problems that have occured secondary to stroke or other neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, MND etc. If you are searching for Swallowing Therapy near me your search ends here.

Why We Call Us Best

  • Our Stoke Speech Therapists are highly qualified with a Bachelor’s degree at least and/or Master’s in Speech Language Pathology.
  • We have over 15 years of experience working in Clinical & Hospital set-up working in speech and swallowing therapy
  • We have state of the art Video Stroboscopy to assess out the laryngeal function which plays an important role in swallowing process.
  • We specialise in establishing safe swallowing mechanism and thereby help to omit Ryle’s tube.  

Other Treatments

Voice Disorder
Late Speakers
Corporate Speech language Pathologists
Voice Disorder

A voice disorder can be defined as a problem when the pitch, loudness or quality of the voice calls attention to itself rather than to what the speaker is saying. A voice disorder is an abnormal change in the way a person’s voice sounds. It is also a problem if the speaker experiences pain or discomfort when speaking or singing.


Stammering is a disorder that affects the forward flow of speech. Speech may be interrupted by repetitions, interruptions on the sounds and words in speech. Stammering is also known as stuttering.

Late Speakers

Parents are often concerned about their children’s speech and language development when they don’t seem to be talking as well as other children of the same age. Some of these children catch up while others don’t.  Difficulties with spoken language may lead to frustration and this could consequently reflect on the child’s behaviour and learning.


Articulation is the process by which sounds, syllables, and words are formed when your tongue, jaw, teeth, lips, and palate alter the air stream coming from the vocal folds.A person shows articulation problem when he or she produces sounds, syllables, or words incorrectly so that listeners do not understand what is being said or pay more attention to the way the words sound than to what they mean.

Corporate Speech language Pathologists

Corporate Speech Pathologists are communication specialists who have in-depth knowledge and experience in many areas of communication skill building.

About Speech Plus

Speech Plus is a specialist team of speech-language pathologists, trained to help with speech, voice or language related difficulties and challenges in everyday, business and academic settings. We are an independent organisation, consisting of practicing speech-language pathologists and audiologists – and have been in operation since 2006.

Our service is personalised, and we work with clients 1:1. We believe every person is unique so their specific challenge in speaking, language or communication also needs to be seen uniquely.

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