Do you know there are some simple Stammering Remedies that a Speech Therapists can suggest you? Stammering also known as stuttering is a speech disorder that causes disruption in the forward flow of speech. The interruptions in speech may be involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases as well as involuntary silent pauses in which the person is unable to produce sounds.

Causes for Stammering:

Once we know the causes it gets much easier to find stammering remedies. Research shows that there is no single, exclusive cause for stuttering and multiple causes lead to this speech disorder. Some studies show that there is strong evidence that stuttering occurs as a result of genetic factors. In fact according to these children who have first –degree relatives suffering from stuttering are likely to develop it three times more than other children.  Other studies however suggest that genetic factors interact with genetic factors for the disorder. Besides there is evidence that stuttering is more common in children who also have concomitant speech, language, learning or motor difficulties. 

Before knowing more about the stammering remedies, you have to know more about stammering symptoms. Stammering may occur during childhood and persist into adulthood. It has been estimated that 1 in every 20 children prior to school age may stammer at some point of time. However 2 of 3 out of them will naturally grow out of it. Amongst adults it has been noted that 1 in 100 adults’ stammers Out of people suffering from stammering, males are more likely to stammer than females.

Treatment for Stammering/ Stuttering:

Stuttering or Stammering Remedies may differ due to age and adaptability level of the person. For preschool children, before 3 years the problem gets rectified without any treatment. However if the problem continues one should look for professional help. Normally a speech therapist or a speech or a Speech language Pathologist is to be consulted for the problem. 

Speech Therapy in Children:

Normally for children the duration of therapy may be around 7-8 months under a 1:1 ratio of therapist with child. It has been seen that normally for children who have just begun stammering, it normally stops between 12 to 24 months in about 75- 80% of the cases, without speech therapy. Children who have been stammering for more than 12 months, then it is likely that speech therapy would be required.  In case of children with speech therapy it is very likely that in most cases it would be fully cured.

Best Stammering Remedies

Speech Therapy in Teens and adults:

Stammering therapy for teens and adults usually means changing long-standing speech behaviors, emotions, and attitudes about talking and communication in general. Overall Speech Therapy in adults may help in reducing the frequency of the stammering, to help him/her to overcome the struggle of stammering moments. It may also help in decrease word or situation avoidances, using other communication techniques like eye contact and phrasing. Speech therapy in adults may also help the adult for a specific short term goal like facing an interview, etc.  

Chances of Success:

Often chances of success of speech therapy in adults are often doubted by many. It however depends    on how long one has been suffering. If you have been suffering all your life, it is unlikely that you would be fully cured. However an expert speech pathologist can help you to make some positive changes in your communication. What is important in such a case that you sit with your speech therapist and set a goal and there after work on that goal. Even if you are not fully cured, even with stammering you could be an effective communicator.