Looking the other way never solves a problem. Rather, it aggravates it. That is so true for stammering problems. Many millions of people across the globe have stammering issues. According to speech therapists here at Speech Plus, a majority of these cases are related to confidence and psychological issues. Only a minority of the cases are actually about physiological problems. The good news is that both these kinds of problems can be tackled and solved, even if they involve a child. The only criteria is that the help must come at the right time.

For speech disorders, much like every other form of discrepancy, it is important to provide assistance and support at the first hurdle itself instead of waiting for the problem to sort itself out. If you find that you child is stuttering or stammering, engage the services of a professional speech therapist immediately. Do not hesitate to check if the problem is a temporary one. What if it is not? You will end up losing valuable time in fixing the problem and in that unnecessary delay, the problem will grow deeper roots. Weed it out before it becomes more serious than it is now.

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Children suffering from stammering issues end up losing confidence and that make the problem worse. In physiological cases as well, lack of confidence escalates the stammering. As a result, children feel ashamed to speak. They make no conversation or even monosyllabic ones like Yes or No. This, in turn, causes frustration and anger, leading to deep-seated mental illness. Why watch passively as your child gets sucked deeper into this problem? Call up our team of speech therapists at Speech Plus. They will answer your queries and offer you advice on how to proceed with the problem. Your child will not feel under-confident anymore.

Stammering can come up from other sources, too. For example, mental trauma or the fear of being neglected. Even broken homes and families can lead to stammering in the child. You cannot pull your child out of this mess all by yourself, without causing irreparable damage to the mental framework of the child. A child suffering from stammering issues becomes the butt of all jokes in schools and peer groups. Such children can get violent and aggressive to vent out their anger at the bullies they encounter every day. It becomes too much of a cobweb for you to cut through and protect your child.