Speech Therapy

What is Speech therapy?

Speech therapy involves assessing and treating communication and speech disorders. The therapy is performed by speech therapists often known as speech-language pathologists.

Speech therapy treats children with speech disorders and language impairment caused by brain damage, stroke, and injury.

Speech therapy techniques are used to improve speech and communication skills through articulation therapy, language intervention activities, and behavioural therapy depending on the type of speech disorder.

When a child needs Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is for children facing communication and speech impairment. If you suspects that your child has troubled communication and suffering from disorders like Aphasia, Apraxia, Articulation disorders, stammering and language disorder, it is suggested you take your child to a speech therapist to improve language fluency and improve communication.

How Speech Therapy helps?

Speech therapy uses various treatment plans after studying the unusual behavior of the child to improve their communication skill and enhance social skills.

Speech-language specialists notice the behaviours in children and then work towards improving eye contact, developing their cognitive skills, and language stimulation.

Speech disorder therapy will help your child develop the skills necessary for daily activities and improve their quality of life.

When to consult a speech therapist?

If you notice that your child has not started to speak by the age of 2 years or showing symptoms of a slow decline in verbal language ability, you need to consult a speech therapist.

Other symptoms in children that might indicate the requirement of speech-language treatment are inability to read, write, understand, extreme agitation, irritation, odd facial expressions, hand licking, sudden laughter, incontinence, fear, and anxiety.