Is Speech Therapy Through Video Conferencing possible? This may be the first question that strikes you after reading the heading. This blog is here to resolve your doubts. For Speech Therapy the interaction between the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and the patient is mandatory. It is necessary the speech therapy sessions progress without interruptions in between. The travel and physically attending the therapy sessions is pre requisite for the speech therapy to be effective. However with the busy lives, with rising traffic and other issues it may be very inconvenient and sometimes even impossible for the patient to attend such therapy sessions as per allotted schedules. Besides often the patient may be forced to migrate to other places owing to transfers in which case if the therapy sessions may have to be discontinued. In such a case then all the progress made during the earlier sessions gets negated and a total waste. Speech Therapy Through Video Conferencing has short out the problem. With the development and advancements made in telecommunications this entire problem may be overcame with “Video Conferencing”. Video conferencing has totally revolutionized the way we communicate. This has drastically impacted various sectors the business world, education and even the medical world in a very positive way. The sessions of Speech Therapy Through Video Conferencing has made the process comfortable and easier.

We at Speech Plus, speech therapy clinic in Kolkata have identified this specific difficulty patients face for a continuous, long-term treatment in speech therapy and thereafter helped patients this genuine problem through video conferencing.

Video Conferencing:

Video Conferencing is a telecommunication technology by means of which two or more locations people at two or more locations can communicate simultaneously through video and audio. This is thus a revolutionary technology which brings people at two different geographical locations face to face and thus cuts down on the requirement of physical travel. This indeed becomes extremely useful when such period face to face interactions become necessary and helps in saving resources in terms of travel time and the traveling cost which would have to be incurred otherwise.

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Benefits of Speech Therapy Through Video Conferencing:

With Video conferencing the extensive speech therapy sessions become very convenient both for the patient as well as the Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP). It means that the patient can attend the therapy session from the comfort of his or her home. He or she can save on time as well as travelling cost involved. This ensures better continuity in the therapy sessions, even in cases where the patient may have to shift to a new city or place. This also makes the scheduling of the Speech Therapy sessions much easier since much more flexibility becomes available through video conferencing.

Speech Therapy through Video Conferencing at Speech Plus:

As a leader in Speech Therapy we at Speech Plus, Speech Problem Treatment in Kolkata are dedicated to provide the Best Speech Therapy in Kolkata. This is why we also provide the facility of Speech Therapy through video conferencing. To avail Speech Therapy Through Video Conferencing facility a call is to be made at our helpline number and the name address are to be registered. Thereafter a time will be allotted for the video conference time. You need to be ready with the internet connection which should preferably be one with high sped. Some basic details like the illumination of the room and Echo cancelers need to be maintained so that the video conference can be carried out smoothly. During the video conference at the allotted time the valuable opinion of the expert Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) would be provided. So even if you are located at a remote location, and suffering from speech related problems you can avail the best speech therapy through our video conferencing facility at Speechplus.

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