Now a days there are many Speech Therapist for Children in Kolkata to help you. Just as every child is special, they need additional care when you deal with one of their problems. You don’t want to compromise or settle for second best. You know that if you do that, you might end up causing irreparable damage or even undo the good work done in the past. The child who needs speech therapy to make the act of speaking fluent and error-free requires the best help that you can possibly provide. In this post, I will take you through the help that a speech therapist can provide to a child with speech difficulty.

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Let me start with the basics. Speech therapists, before offering a solution, try to identify the problem with the child. More often than not, it has been noted that the cause of a child’s stammering or inability to express themselves fully stems from insecurity, even fear. When these external influences are nullified or addresses satisfactorily, the child’s natural ability to speak will manifest itself. In such cases, the speech therapist for children may need to speak to people who take care of the child at home and try to find out why the child feels threatened or restrained in any manner.

Speech Therapists for Children in Kolkata

The second point that speech therapists here at Speech Plus look into is whether the child suffers from a hearing issue. It is usually the case, that children with hearing impairment suffer from speech disorders as well. This happens because the child is not able to hear properly and as a result, does not feel confident enough to express their opinions. If that is the case, an audiologist is brought into the picture to address the hearing problem before the speech therapist gets to work. After diagnosing and dealing with the problem, the child is ready to respond positively to speech therapy sessions.

A typical speech therapy session begins with the therapist monitoring the speech mechanism of the child. It includes movement of the lips, the palate and the tongue, as well as other organs that contribute to the act of speaking. The sounds produced by the child are duly noted to demarcate how much the child is able to speak without help or assistance. There are times when there is a physical problem with some organ. In that case, the child may be referred to surgery or other forms of medication by consulting a general physician.

When the problem is billed to be one of speech difficulty, a set of voice and mouth exercises are prescribed by the Speech Therapist for Children. These sets of exercises need to be practiced for a period of time, maybe weeks or months. The progress is tracked closely in order to ensure that the therapy is moving according to plan. Otherwise, the exercises are modified to suit requirements. It may be a time-consuming affair and that is why parents or guardians are always requested to exercise patience.

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