Speech Disorder in children has become a common problem. Speech forms an important part in how we communicate. Much of the quality of our lives depends on our speech. This may be in our professional lives, may be about cracking an interview, our social acceptance and even our relationships. However it is very unfortunate that speech disorder goes unnoticed in many children before it is late and the problem gets aggravated. We at Speech Plus being the leading Speech Disorder Treatment Centre in Kolkata through this blog would try to create awareness about speech disorder and how it could be treated:

Speech Disorder - Speech disorder therapy in kolkata

Types of Speech Disorders in Children:

Stuttering or Stammering:

Stuttering or Stammering is a common type of speech disorder wherein the child often ends up repeating the same, words, phrases while trying to speak. It may often lead to lack of confidence, frustration owing to the embarrassment while trying to speech.

Disorders in Voice:

Under disorder in voice, the child exhibits abnormality while letting out a sound while uttering a word or phrase. The desired level loudness, pitch and quality of the voice may be missing and often people who are listening may be unable to follow what is being spoken.

Disorder of Articulation:

In the process of speech, Speech organs like tongue, lips, palate interact after air stream comes out of the Vocal cord. A child misarticulating produces sounds, syllables or sounds in a way that the listener is unable to gather and understand it. Often the parents mistake this for the child being naughty in doing so, whereas this is actually a disorder which needs treatment.

Speech Therapy For Treatment Of Speech Disorders:

If as a parent any of the above types of speech disorders are observed in children then the help of a Speech Therapist becomes necessary. Speech Therapy is the corrective treatment of physical and/ or cognitive disorders resulting in difficulty in verbal Communication. This may include both speech as well as language.
A Speech Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist is one who diagnoses the speech disorder and there after treats the problem which may range from physical strengthening exercises, instructive or repetitive practice and drilling and also use of audio visual aids.

Parents can also help in Speech Therapy:

Parents also can play a critical role when it comes to treatments of speech disorders in children. The role of the parent, begins with identifying the symptoms of the disorder as early as possible and thereafter consult the best Speech Language Pathologist of Kolkata at Speech Plus. Even during the therapy sessions, the parents can observe as to how the therapy session is being conducted and thereafter help the child to help the child pronounce the word or sound with the right pronunciation. They must provide the right environment so that the child can hear and say the sound correctly. Studies show that hearing affects sound acquisition in a big way. Thus it is always important that what you child hears is correct.

At Speech Plus we have an extremely qualified and competent team of Speech Language Pathologist (SLPs) who can help your child overcome the speech disorders.