Did you know that, one major cause for Speech disorder in children is hearing loss? Hearing is an integral part of the entire communication process. That’s why any type of hearing impairment may lead to speech disorder depending on the degree of the hearing loss. The worst part is that the hearing loss in many children goes undetected and thus untreated for a long time. This hampers the development of speech and language majorly. The hearing loss clubbed with the speech disorder leads to poor academic achievements too. Everything put together it leads to social isolation, frustration and a very low self esteem.

Hearing Loss

So with the slightest indication that your child may be suffering from any type of speech disorder like he or she stutters at times, delayed speech,etc. you must visit a Speech and Language Pathologist(SLP), also known as Speech Therapist. The SLP or Speech Therapist is the specialist who can identify the problem and thereafter determines ways and means to treat the problem. Treatment though Speech Therapy may include use of audio visual means, physical strengthening exercises, repetitive practice to treat the problem of speech disorder.

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Treating Speech Disorder in children with Speech Therapy

There may be various types of speech disorder in children. One common disorder is stuttering. Owing to stuttering, the child may be repeating the same words or phrases while he or she tries to speak. Other disorders may be misarticulation, where in the child may produce sounds and syllables which the person listening may fail to follow. Voice disorder is also a speech disorder which the child may be suffering from.

The Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) treats speech and Language Disorders with Speech Therapy. With Speech Therapy the child or individual slowly tries to gain communication skills to the optimum level. Recovery from Speech Disorders through Speech Therapy depends on various factors which may be from severity of the disorder, the age at which it is detected, etc.  To become a good SLP, one has to go through extensive training. It requires 4 years of degree course followed with 2 years of Master Degree course in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. To practice Speech Therapy one is to have a RCI registration Number and also a ISHA Registration Number in this field.

The role of the parents is also important in the treatment of Speech Disorder. Since age at which the treatment begins is a major factor in the rectification process, as a parent being alert in noticing the speech disorder and thereby consulting the SLP is of prime importance. Further even during treatments the presence of the parent is necessary wherein he or she can follow how the speech therapy session is being conducted. Based on that it may be repeated at home too. The parents should try to provide to the child the right environment so that the child is able to pick up the sounds correctly.

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