kids speech therapyKids Speech therapy need not be dreary or monotonous. When you are dealing with kids, if you take the fun quotient out of the equation, you automatically make the job tougher. Kids love to participate in any activity where they can have fun. Your job is to mix the learning bit cautiously without spoiling the fun part. The same holds true for speech therapy. The experts here at Speech Plus have come up with some fun exercises that will help your kid get to speaking fluently. You, as a parent or guardian, have a major role to play here.

A very common but effective speech exercise is to mirror actions or imitate them. Children with speech problems may find it tough to pronounce words simply because they are not sure about the facial movements. Our speech therapist will articulate the words out for the kids. Then these kids are asked to repeat the words while facing a mirror. The ability to imitate is usually very strong in children. This ability will help them pronounce words as they should be. And if they continue practicing it for some time, they will surely start improving.

Game Plays Important Role in Kids Speech Therapy

Guess Who? is another popular game that comes in handy for speech therapy. In this game, kids are expected to guess the name of a person or even a place by taking guesses. This game has a two-fold purpose: improving pronunciation and vocabulary. The difficulty in saying out uncommon names aloud is that the kids are not sure of how to pronounce them. As a result, they feel low on confidence. The Guess Who? game will bring them that familiarity that is so important for pronunciation. When they can pronounce a name correctly, they will register it in their memory for recall later on.

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How To Motivate Your Child?

Kids love rewards, little and large. Involve the child with speech issues in a game where they have to pronounce words and repeat them in pursuit of little rewards. Even in the choice of what you are going to reward them with, you can be innovative! How about some chewable candy? The reason I pick this is because chewing means exercising the jaws and facial muscles, something very essential for kids with speech impairment. This is quite effective for kids. Our Speech Professionals at Speech Plus are always thinking of new and fresh ways to get the attention of these kids and improve their speech in the process.

The central idea of providing these fun speech exercises is simple: involve the kids and ensure their participation. You are always free to try out different methods, some of them may even be unique for every kid.