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Signs and Symptoms of Stammering

Signs and Symptoms of Stammering

Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted involuntarily. A stutterer’s speech is characterised by frequent repetitions, prolongations of sounds, syllables, words, phrases or even whole sentences. It occurs mainly in children at a very young age. Studies show that stammering affects young boys more than girls. The sooner you as the parent of a stammering child start a treatment, the sooner he/she will have chances of recovering.

Professional Speech Language Pathologists advice early intervention for stammering children to be done at a good stammering therapy center in Kolkata. A majority of the stammering problems can be cured if treatment is started as early as the stutterer learns to speak. If the symptoms of stammering appear at a very young age, then the stutterer would require immediate attention. Following are some of the common symptoms of stuttering, which should not be neglected:

  • Frequent repetitions of sounds, syllables, words, phrases and even whole complex sentences
  • Prolongations of certain sounds, syllables and phrases, therefore taking time to finish
  • Interruption in the flow of speech, which is involuntary
  • Words or phrases may come out as jerks or spurts
  • Frequently rearranges words or phrases in a sentence, thus saying the same thing over and over again
  • The stutterer finds it harder to start some sounds, words, phrases and a whole conversation as a result
  • The stutterer feels tensed while trying to say something
  • Frequently hesitates or pauses before trying to speak
  • Some health professionals at a good stammering therapy center in Kolkata also observed that the stutterer, mainly children, is more comfortable in one-to-one conversations than in group conversations
  • The stutterer blinks rapidly while trying to speak
  • While trying to start a verbal communication, the stutterer’s jaws and lips might tremble
  • The stutterer may be out of breath frequently while speaking
  • The stutterer’s speech might even be blocked completely due to the inability to produce sounds, even when trying to speak with open jaws. This may last for a few seconds and sometimes even for a minute or two in severe cases
  • Frequent use of interjections is observed while the stutterer is trying to avoid or delay speaking difficult words or phrases. These interjections include ‘um’, ‘hmm’, ‘uh’, ‘like’, ‘I mean’, ‘well’, etc.
  • Any well-known stammering therapy center in Kolkata will observe frequent circumlocution in the stutterer, that is, he/she substitutes some words with another, often having the same pronunciation or meaning
  • Frequent foot tapping might also be observed when the stutterer is trying to speak
  • The face and/or the upper portion of the body tightens out of tension while he/she is saying something
  • The stutterer frequently refuses to speak as a result of these difficulties

If you or your child has some or all of the above symptoms, consult a certified Speech Language Pathologist at a recognised stammering therapy center in Kolkata, because delaying treatment of stammering might make it severe. Some children, however, may not be aware of the fact that they stutter. Being a responsible parent of the stuttering child, it is your duty to take immediate actions.

There are various causes of stammering as considered by health professionals related to speech and language at a good stammering therapy center in Kolkata. These include social settings, family history of stuttering, family dynamics, developmental history of the stutterer, high-stress environments, and others. Some brain injuries caused due to stroke, may even cause neurogenic stuttering at any age. Severe emotional trauma may result in psychogenic stuttering, which is the common form of stuttering found in children, as they are more prone to mental trauma. However, some children may get stammering problems due to hereditary reasons or even genetic mutations. Some Speech Language Pathologists at a recognised stammering therapy center in Kolkata, recommend not to take certain medications as they may cause pharmacological stuttering. So consult a good professional at a good stammering therapy center in Kolkata, to know what caused stammering problems in you or your child, and your health care professional will start a proper treatment accordingly.

An important tip advised by professionals at a good stammering therapy center in Kolkata, is that one should never make the stutterer realise his/her problems, nor should one ask them to slow down or concentrate on what he/she is speaking. It makes the stutterer more nervous, and the stuttering might grow worse as a result.

You should never delay getting a proper treatment of stuttering problems for you or your child from a well-known stammering therapy center in Kolkata. The earlier you give attention to stammering problems, the sooner the majority of them will be cured. Always maintain a stress-free atmosphere at home, at school or at work as far as possible, as it not only reduces a majority of stuttering problems, but will also help you or your child become self-confident. You and your child deserves a better future and a better quality of life.

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