speech therapy in kolkataSpeech therapy is a serious and specialized professional service. There is no room to think that just about anyone can handle the requirements of a speech therapist with the help of logic or common sense. However, there are some exercises and practice routines where you can make a contribution towards speech therapy for your child. After consultations with a speech therapist, you can step in and help your child when you do not have the presence of a professional Speech Language Pathologist.

For parents and guardians who want to chip in with some help, Speech Plus outlines some speech therapy games that you can play with your child and help them overcome speech impairment. More times than not, speech problems arise out of failure to express what they want to say. There are little physiological problems as such. For such cases, the problems can be categorized as inability to use receptive language, expressive language and deductive reasoning. Let us take them up one at a time.

Receptive language is what enables the child to understand and comprehend what is going on around them. Reception of languages helps them realize what the conversation is about. You can build that up by strengthening the observation skills of the child. Point out to objects and symbols around them, like a window or a book. These objects must not be abstract, but something that is visible in plain sight. Then, shift your attention to offering clues that will enable the child to remember what they are seeing. Your written words and the corresponding objects must make a connection in the mind of the child.

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Now we will talk about expressive language. This is the use of words and sentences to express what they are feeling or what they want to talk about. Begin with the simple “Yes” and “No”. Encourage the child to express their feelings and thoughts about things, even if they are as simple as “Do you like this drink?” Listen to their responses with attention and empathy. Speech Pathologists here at Speech Plus tell us that when the child feels that the response will not be appreciated, they often shy away from making one. Once you are over with the simple answers, ask them open-ended questions and find out what they say.

Deductive reasoning comes within the phase of reception and expression. This is when the child deduces the message and forms an appropriate response. This is where most cases of speech impairment get stuck. You need the help and advice of a speech therapist professional here. You cannot handle this one your own. Get in touch with Speech Plus and speak to our experts today!