For the average person public speaking is one of the top fears in one’s mind. Yet being able to successfully speak in public is so critical for the success of your professional, social and personal life. Often it so happens that when you are to speak you may feel nervous; your palms begin to sweat, heart starts to pound. All of these are indications of fear of public speaking. This may not just happen, when you are making a presentation, or you are speaking in public but even when you are to ask your boss for a promotion. Be it business deals or any other situation, getting your point across is a key to your advancement in your professional life. If you are not able to do this owing to this common fear, it could be a major stumbling block in your career progress. We at Speech Plus being into corporate speech language pathology, have identified fear of public speaking as a common problem and recommend in this blog, some simple steps you could take to overcome it.

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Public Speaking Preparation:

Get Organized: You must have your thoughts and materials well organized prior to your speech. This would give you a clear thinking and help you deliver the speech by concentrating one point at a time. Besides it will also help you focus your mind on the job at hand rather than fearing it.

Preparing extensively and practice repeatedly: It is always advisable to have a fully written script or your speech with all the points highlighted. You must practice the same in detail with time over and over again. Prepare the topic very well so that you can answer any question which might be asked.

Taking some deep breaths : When you are excessively nervous you breathe rapidly. At this point if you practice taking some deep breaths .It will help you relax and also to calm down.

Try to ask yourself the right questions and be in a positive frame of mind: Often before making an important presentation or making an important deal, in our anxiety you may tend to worry and think negatively like” What would happen if I forget? “Instead you could try to replace them with positive questions and if you think about a positive situation, like “what would happen if the deal is cracked?” A positive frame of mind always has a positive impact on our actions. Though this is much easier said than done, but it is worth the effort.

Rehearse by practicing your speech before another person: Prior to making the actual presentation or speech, you could rehearse it by giving it to a person who would be honest in their feedback and at the same time encourage you. This could be any near or dear one like your family members, friends, etc.

Pausing in the speech often helps: Whenever you become over anxious while delivering your speech or during your presentation, it may be a good idea to pause at times ad taking a few deep breaths. This will help you to gain your composure and help you to carry on calmly for the rest of the speech or presentation.

As already mentioned in the beginning we at Speech Plus , communication disorders therapy in Kolkata, have recognized that many lag behind owing to lack of proper communication and fear of public speaking. We hope following these simple steps would help you to overcome your fear. We also have Corporate Speech Language Pathology as a specific service in this field. For further details please visit

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