Do you think Professional Speakers can ever need Speech Therapy? Here is our answer. There is a theory that says that it is quite impossible to pronounce all the words and syllables correctly! In other words, we are all in some state of inability when it comes to speaking. There are some pronunciations that catch us unaware, resulting in goof-ups that might be quite costly. Look at the instances of mispronunciations at award ceremonies like the Oscars or the Grammys. Celebrities become the butt of jokes due to these slip-ups. 

For professional speakers, however, the going is tougher. At best, these celebs will be the object of social media ridicule for a week or two. Then everyone will get on with their lives. For those who speak for a living, such instances can be a deal breaker in the context of a career. Speakers cannot afford to mumble or mispronounce words in conferences or seminars. They have to be pitch perfect at all times.

Just as a writer might take a writing course to hone skills further, a speaker needs speech therapy. There is no harm in admitting that such therapies can brush off those rust granules depositing on the verbal skills, especially over a long career in speaking.

Modern words often call for different ways of saying things. A speech therapist can help out professional speakers immensely. Never for once conclude that therapy is only for those who are suffering from speech disorders!

Speech therapy has other benefits for these speakers as well. With therapy, their confidence gets a major boost. More often than not, as in the case of stammering, confidence is the key to resolving those knots on the tongue. But this is not the kind of confidence that you can grow all by yourself, unless in some rare cases. It requires guidance and a fight plan that works for you. Only a professional speech therapist can come up with something like that.

Of course, these therapy sessions are not conducted in groups. At a professional level, every speaker needs something more customized and tailored for their individual needs. You cannot get that kind of attention in a group with other students. Even when you are in a group, the very act of interaction with other peers can be a huge help in smoothening out the creases in speech.

Our speech therapists at Speech Plus conduct both individual and group sessions for those who want to polish their professional speaking skills.