It is often seen that Speech Disorders Causes Depression. So our Expert Speech Therapists at SpeechPlus have tried to explain how you can fight with this problem. Speech is a form of expression. It gives vent to our emotions, feelings and thoughts. Without the use of this vent, these thoughts remain bottled up in our mind. It is like a clogged system. When the thoughts remain unexpressed, they can cause worry and tension, deepening into depression over time. It is important for people to speak and give voice to their feelings and emotions.

How to speech disorders can be cured?

People with speech disorders cannot enjoy this luxury. They are unable to speak freely and this stops them from talking at all. In this manner, they feel cornered and alienated. Our speech therapists at Speech Plus have found a strong link between people with speech disorders and the further worsening of the problem. It works in a vicious cycle.

Take the example of a child, Raju. He cannot speak fluently and and was suffering from stammering problem. As a result, he is not comfortable raising his hand in class to answer questions. During lunch breaks, he walks off into a cornered space of his own, refusing to socialize with the other students in his class. He feels that these children will make fun of his stammering speech, one time or the other. Remaining in the shadows, Raju denies himself every opportunity to speak his mind.

Speech Disorders Treatment in Kolkata

Continuing in this state of affairs, the speaking prowess of Raju degenerates rapidly. With time, he is unable to put two words together without a stammer. Previously he could piece a sentence with a stutter here or there. The problem has taken a turn for the worse long before he could realize. Now, he needs active speech therapy for long periods of time to recover lost ground. What also happened in this time is that he has become a very lonely, quite child. He does not even play games, fearing for his speech disability.

Parents and teachers of children like Raju have to step forward. If you find that someone like Raju is withering away in the shadows, encourage them to take help. Professional speech therapists like the ones at our end in Speech Plus can help them out. It requires a patient ear and some words of encouragement. Children with speech issues arising out of low confidence can tide over them quicker than the ones with physiological concerns. All you have to do is take them to the right therapists.

Talk to our speech experts and make a difference to the world of a child who needs help.