In India, the competition in the corporate sphere is intense and ever difficult. Here, it is not only your skill and contributions in work that decide your ascent in the game but also your personality and presence. Speech is considered the base of persona, and it is with speech that many suffer. This keeps some of the brightest and the most hardworking people from finding the improvement in the corporate sphere that they deserve. Here is why and how you can pave way for better success in your corporate journey.

Diction and Throw

Diction and throw is extremely important in speech. It makes speech clearer and lets the speaker communicate freely with more dominance. This is extremely important in the corporate professional sphere as each word you speak shapes your experience there. Many people have speech problems like stuttering, pronunciation and lisping problems. This results in decreased confidence in them which in terms becomes a barrier in their corporate life. Many go through this ordeal and are stuck in a rut because they are not aware of the fact that these problems can be worked upon and improved with the help of speech and language therapy. At Speech Plus, there are specialized corporate speech language therapy courses designed especially for these problems. The integrated courses aim at achieving the best results in the quickest time possible because time is very precious and little at hand considering the present corporate scenario.

Enhanced Personality

Speech contributes to at least over 60 % of our personality. In this day and age, your personality is your business card and it has to be super- impressive at all times. Speech and language problems can get in your way. In fact many H.R managers have confessed that in the top companies, they often hire personality rather than skill these days. This is why many people are resorting to speech and language therapy for corporates to enhance their personality to suit the demands of the time. Many corporate companies are themselves contacting speech training organizations like Speech Plus, who provide corporate speech training in Indiato conduct corporate language pathology workshops in their companies regularly. There is no shame in seeking help, especially when it is so closely linked with your chances of a successful career. Do contact a corporate language pathology specialist in case you need help without any hesitation as it will only help you.

Boost your Confidence

The name of the game in the corporate sphere is confidence. According to leading personality therapists and trainers, confidence is the strongest social tool and it can help anyone achieve anything. In fact even Bill Gates once said in an interview, “I’d choose the confident bloke over the overtly hard-working one as I know it is the confident who will survive longer in this rate race.” Speech and language problems affect the confidence a lot and many people have complained that they do not get the appraisal or promotions they deserve even without understanding that their superiors are also analyzing their confidence. So if you are suffering from speech problems that is bringing down your morale or confidence, do yourself a favour and enroll in any speech and language therapy course right away.

Presence over Presentation

So, in this clockwork chaos of living between client presentations, and impending deadlines, we often forget the importance of presence. Ask any corporate leader, he will vouch that presence take you way ahead than where mere presentations can. And a whole lot of a person’s presence is commanded by speech. Just last November, a young man from the I.T field walked into Speech Plus sad and dejected. He had always had a stuttering problem since childhood, due to which he had grown up as a recluse and soft-spoken. In the October appraisal cycle, he found out that his teammate who is way less skillful and experienced that he, has been promoted to a manager’s role instead of him. By his own admission, he felt it was because he had always kept from contributing in team meetings in fear of embarrassment. With just over 5 months of our corporate speech language therapy, he has improved a lot and in the April appraisal cycle he was not only promoted but has been asked to conduct an in-house training session every week where he would help people with client-presentation tips. This is how much you can change your life with a simple speech and language therapy.