Is your child suffering from speech or language disorder? We can well understand the anxiety and mental agony you have to undergo as a result of your child’s problem. Just because your child suffers from the problem, does not mean end of the road for him or her. There is much hope. You would be happy to know that Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan too suffered from Speech disorder and was able to overcome it with Speech Therapy. 

What is stammering and how it affects children?

Stammering also known as stuttering, is a speech disorder in which your child may be repeating a letter or word and is not able to speak fluently. Thus as a result he or she may be unable to communicate effectively. As a result of the problem the child may suffer many psychological problems, which may include lack of self confidence. The academic performance of the child as a result may get adversely affected. He or she can become withdrawn. The problem needs to be treated effectively. With early intervention and right speech therapy complete recovery is possible. The recovery of Hrithik Roshan is a glaring example of complete recovery from the problem, which we are sure would give you hope. 

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How Hrithik Roshan overcame stammering?

All of us admire celebrities. We find that their lives are perfect in every way. But in reality not everything may be perfect for them too. They too have to deal with problems and overcome them. One such example is that of Hrithik Roshan. The Bollywood star right now is is one of the most followed stars owing to his great looks and personality. But he too suffered from stuttering when he was a kid. As a result he became shy and introvert. Much like any other child who suffers from the problem he too was laughed at. Stammering became a hindrance in achieving his goals. But he had a burning desire to become an actor. It was this determination of his that made his determination of overcoming stammering very strong. 

Practise makes you perfect

In order to overcome the problem he joined speech therapy classes. With the help of the Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) or Speech Therapists, he was able to overcome the problem. To have a strong grip over his pronunciation he would repeat all the alphabets in different ways. He would practice speaking alone in front of the mirror for long hours. This helped him overcome the speech disorder. Thereafter he regained his lost confidence and became successful. He still practices speech therapy everyday for an hour to ensure that the problem does not get relapsed. Hrithik feels that with strong determination and repeated practice as recommended by a reliable speech therapist the problem can be overcome. He has now become a role model for all his fans and shown that any problem can be overcome with strong determination and hard work.

In conclusion we can say that in case your child is suffering from stammering or stuttering there is hope. With the right speech therapy and repeated practice the problem can be overcome. In case you are looking reliable SLPs in Kolkata then we at Speech Plus have a renowned team who can help treat the problem. For further details please visit our website.