Speaking in a corporate sphere is not a cakewalk for many. Even for the most articulate of speakers, addressing clients or customers can be a daunting task. It requires precision of words and appropriate expression. Anything too loud or too soft will ring false with the person who is listening to what you are saying. Call Speech Pathologists to Improve Corporate Speaking Skills.

Speaking in a professional zone also brings out a stammer or stutter in people. They may otherwise be very fluent with their words but when it comes to speaking in front of an audience who can judge the speaker, they get tongue-tied. This is mainly due to lack of confidence. Inability to pronounce certain words and phrases correctly can have a dampening effect on the self-confidence of the speaker.

Speech Plus brings you a unique opportunity to brush up your corporate speaking skills. At our workshop, speech therapists and counsellors will take you through the motions of professional speaking. You will be taught about the basics, along with the best possible way of putting words to your thoughts without having to grope around for them.

corporate speech therapy

These are professional soft skills that can change your career on its head. People who stammer or stutter their way through interviews or discussions cannot move ahead in their career because no matter what job you do, you need basic speaking skills. In a professional zone, you are always needed to address team members, superiors or even customers on a daily basis. Without the necessary speaking ability, you are bound to be left behind.

Speaking need not always be about serious, professional matters. In a work space, you will interact with your colleagues and co-workers. A persistent stammering issue or the failure to pronounce words correctly will adversely affect your interaction with them. You will feel socially alienated on the work floor. You cannot rule out smirks and sniggers as you pass by!