The process of speaking is quite complex. For most people this complex process is pulled off with varying degrees of success. As someone who is interested in speech therapy and speech disorders, you should know that no one is able to achieve cent percent articulation in speech. In other words, no one is capable of speaking with cent percent accuracy. Every human being has some issue or the other with the way they pronounce words or phrases.

misarticulation cureFor a few of us, speaking becomes a problem because they are not able to pronounce words correctly enough for another person to make out what is being said. The words become jumbled or tied up with each other in an incomprehensible manner. The words are formed by a complex process involving the palate, the larynx or the voice box, the teeth and the tongue. When one of these elements or components are not functioning up to the mark, the words are bound to be jumbled up.

This is technically known as misarticulation in speech therapy jargon. If you consider articulation as the proper method of using these varied components in the formation of words, misarticulation is the opposite of it. Misarticulation can happen due to a number of reasons. It may be because of physiological issues like a cleft lip or chin. It might also be a case of compulsive disorder like the speaker’s problem of trying to say too many words at the same time.

speech therapist for misarticulation

Speech therapy is the only possible solution to this problem. Speech Therapists at our end will put you through steps of rigorous speech exercises and procedures. Of course, you have to work hard at it yourself to get rid of this problem. You need to follow the words of advice carefully and with the utmost sincerity. Going forward, you will find it easier to pronounce words and after considerable therapy, you will be speaking like other ‘normal’ speakers.

It is not good advice to leave the misarticulation problem to be sorted out by itself. It never happens that way. It cannot wished away either! On the other hand, if you do not address this problem at the earliest, it will only get worse. The residual pronunciation will take a hit and you will labor to say anything comprehensible even remotely!