“The only thing better than singing is more singing” – Elle Fitzgerald
But more singing may also cause troubles. One very common voice problems among singers and vocal performers is that of hoarseness. The hoarseness of the throat can be because of multiple reasons. Hoarseness could result out of an infection, inflammation, dryness of vocal cords, allergies, stress, cysts or nodules, and improper speech techniques. Of these singers and vocal performers mostly suffer from hoarseness due to dryness of vocal cords, over stress on vocal cords, and at times improper speech technique. While performers and singers at times do consult speech therapists, vocal coaches or doctors when they are affected by voice disorders as hoarseness, it is not a common habit for them to consult with vocal coaches or performers regularly. But that should be the case. Here are a few reasons why.

Hoarseness can be prevented

Singers and voice performers can prevent voice disorders like hoarseness of the throat from happening. Yes, it is preventable.  Recently, a reputed underground singer had lost her voice midway through a show and that caused a lot of panic. She is now undergoing voice therapy in Kolkata. This could have been prevented if she was consulting a voice therapist regularly. A regular visit to the voice therapist or speech therapist really helps as the therapist can conduct a complete evaluation of the condition of the vocal cords and diagnose if there is a risk of developing any kind of discomfort as far as voice is concerned. Consulting the therapist regularly helps maintain the voice without running the risk of developing serious voice problems before an important show or recording.

Keeping the vocal cord healthy

If you are a singer or voice artist in Kolkata, you should consider Therapy for voice problems in Kolkata to keep your vocal cord healthy and problem-free.The vocal cord is an organ, much like the heart. It needs to be kept healthy. Especially for a singer or voice artist it is as important an organ as the lungs to a swimmer. Just like a sportsman always consults with a Physio to stay fit and game ready, in the same way a singer or voice artiste needs to visit a voice therapist regularly to maintain the health of the vocal cords.

Help with improper technique

Often voice problems like hoarseness occur because of improper speech techniques. Even though most singers and voice artistes do train or have been under intense training, you may be surprised to know that the leading cause of hoarseness among voice performers is improper technique. Professional singers and voice artists often have to perform continuously for hours. The vocal cords undergo extreme stress and dryness at these times. While artistic singing and speaking techniques do strengthen the vocal cord, it is not enough. A therapist can check and test the present condition of the vocal cord and suggest exercises and certain techniques which will help the performer reduce the stress on the vocal cords and prevent any kind of voice problems from developing.

Voice is the life of a singer or voice performer

There have been instances when singers and performers have lost their voice altogether due to cysts or nodules. Overstressing the vocal cords during hoarseness can lead to swelling and constant stress can eventually lead to the development of nodules. This could also be a career-ending affair at times. Why take the risk, when it’s your voice that is your life? Just like an athlete would consult his physical trainer at all times, a singer or a voice performer consulting a voice therapist will only help.

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