Speech therapy is no longer something that is mentioned like a hushed rumor. Moreover now there are Different Types of Speech Therapy Treatment in Kolkata. It is very much prescribed to children you know or even have in your house. Make no mistake, speech therapy is a part of mainstream learning process for most of these children. These children may not have any serious speech problems but it is necessary in most cases to use speech therapy in order to iron out the creases. There are different types of speech therapy, depending on the kind of therapy required by the person. These different types serve different ends and are customized according to the need of the child or person.

Articulation therapy:-
At the very top of this list is articulation therapy. This therapy is required to pronounce better and speak in a manner that makes it possible for others to understand. There are two steps in the articulation therapy method. One is the part where the learner is taught how to hear a sound and register it in the mind. The next part is to pronounce that sound through imitation. The sound of the words are broken up into syllables to ensure that the learner has little trouble in pronouncing it. The steps of pronouncing syllables slowly build up into words and then into sentences and finally into intelligible conversation. It is one of the most popular speech therapy in treatment Kolkata. 

Language therapy:-
The next type of speech therapy is language therapy. There can be two types of languages. One is the receptive language or the language that a person knows and understands. The second one is the expressive language or the one which the person uses to express his thoughts and feelings. Following instructions is a part of learning the receptive language while asking for something is expressive language.

Speech Therapy Treatment in Kolkata

Voice therapy:-
Another integral part of the speech therapy process is voice therapy. This therapy is useful for people who have lost their voice partially or completely due to illness or any kind of trauma. For those with partial voice, the speech can be coarse or rough and the voice may be very raspy. Voice therapy takes care of the vocal nodules and cords by putting them through moderate exercises and practice. At the end of the speech therapy session, the person should be able to speak with greater ease and in a voice stronger than before.

Stuttering therapy
Stuttering therapy in Kolkata, as the name suggests, is tailor-made for people with a stuttering problem. Stuttering can be caused due to a number of reasons, including psychological ones. Providing confidence to the person about speaking loudly and in the presence of others is a sure way to remove stuttering. Because of the therapy’s ability to improve speech fluency in the person, this therapy is also known as Fluency therapy!

We at Speech Plus have a team of experienced and professional speech & and language pathologists (SLP). We are committed to give specialized Speech Therapy Treatment in Kolkata to help people with speech disorders. The duration of the speech therapy session, of course, depends upon the problem to start with and the improvement made in the course of therapy.