Stammering is one kind of Speech Problems, usually considered as a tough fight of an individual to get the words out. So, it makes completely different from the usual non fluency that we all experience. Stammering varies tremendously from person to person and is often likely that a stammering person is fluent at one minute and struggling to speak the next.

Stammering is a serious communication problem. It can adversely affect a person whether he is an adult or child. It can erode their self confidence and self esteem which consequently affects their interactions with others as well as their education and employment prospects.

However you should not have much reason to worry. Speech therapy has proven to be very effective and at Speech Plus in Kolkata, we have a specialist team of speech language pathologists, trained to help with speech, voice or language related difficulties and challenges in everyday, business and academic settings. Speech Plus is a unique speech therapy clinic in Kolkata. Our main aim is to treat each patient as a distinctive case, observe and analyze them and get into the root of the Speech Problems.

Speech Problems for childrens in Kolkata

Speech Plus also provides professional Voice disorder therapy in Kolkata. Colds, allergies, bronchitis, exposure to irritants such as ammonia or cheering for your favorite sports team can result in loss of voice. Voice therapy is an individualized combination of vocal hygiene recommendations, modification of vocal behaviors and exercises designed to address specific vocal problems. We have an expert team of voice therapists who diagnose the causes of voice disorder and depending on that recommends various treatments to cure the loss the voice.

Apart from the above services, Speech Plus also specializes in Delayed speech treatment and Swallowing disorder treatment in Kolkata. Speech delay is when the child’s speech is developing in the right sequence but at a slower rate. Delayed speech affects five to ten percent of the preschool kids. Our Speech Language Pathologists carefully examines the child’s speech and language skills or any kind of Speech Problems. Depending on the observations provides the most effective therapy to meet the child’s needs.