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Speech Therapy Types And Benefits For Kids With Stammering Problems

There are times when the child is unable to understand and express languages or finds it difficult in pronouncing the words that might divest in language development as well as communication skills. There are numerous kinds of speech defects that happen due to different problems. The most common type of speech problem that is spotted with children is the delayed speech and language development. Speech defects can occur due to severe injuries or some medical condition as well. Speech therapy is a method with the help of which one can improve their child’s ability to understand and remember the language with the help of different types of methods and learning techniques for improving communication skills and language development. Speech therapy consists of two methods that enhance the language development: Verbal Technique: In this type of speech therapy technique, mouth coordination is done to produce sounds that make words and sentences. This particular method is to control the fluency and volume of a child. Comprehending the alphabets and its consecutive uses for the formation of words and sentences is very important. The verbal technique helps the child to understand the basics of the language. With a little bit of hard work and determination from both the speech therapist and the child, the language can be understood easily in a convenient way. Understanding And Expressing Technique: This technique trains the child to address the language with the help of written signs and include pictures. These days, there are numerous interactive and engaging […]

New innovations which will help in treating speech related disorders

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Is your child suffering from speech related disorders? Then you would be happy to know that IBM recently unveiled the annual 5 in 5. This is a list of some ground breaking innovations that will potentially change the way we work, live and interact with others. This is being set to be achieved in the next 5 years time. This also includes the treatment of speech disorders. Being in the field of treating speech related disorders, we have regularly kept you updated about the latest in speech therapy through our blogs and other postings. In this we will make you aware about how this new innovation may help in treating the  speech problems. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) you could have dramatic developments in mental health including treating speech related disorders Brain disorders, including developmental, psychiatric and neuro degenerative diseases often cause speech or language disorders as well. Brain is something which we do not at present fully understand. However speech is a key to unlock it. In five years, what we say and write will be used as indicators of our mental health and physical well being. Patterns in our speech and writing analyzed by new cognitive systems will provide tell-tale signs of early-stage developmental disorders, mental illness and degenerative neurological diseases. This is what can help doctors and patients better predict, monitor and track these conditions. At IBM, currently scientists are using transcripts and audio inputs from psychiatric interviews. These are being coupled with machine learning techniques, to find […]

Is your child taking too long to talk? What you must know for speech development?

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As a parent your child is perhaps your most precious possession. Thus you want to provide the best to your child. You want to take the best care of him or her. If you find out that your child is late in speaking or need speech development, we can well understand how worried you must be. We therefore thought about sharing some facts about this issue to help you to deal with the same. Here are some facts which you must know. Speech Development in Babies: What you must know? Doctors are of the opinion that babies generally start learning since the time they are in the womb by listening. They do so by responding to familiar voices. Experts in the field feel that newborns start developing their speech after they turn 2 months old. Much of the speech and language development in children happens between the ages of 2 and 5 years. Time line for speech development: Sounds By the time your baby turns 2 months old, he or she should begin cooing and making gurgling sounds. Babbling As your baby turns 6 months old; he or she might start making sounds with vowels strung together. This is referred to as babbling. Generally babies babble in a singsong manner. Jargon As your baby is about to reach the first birthday, he or she might talk in gibberish which is usually known as jargon. It seems like they’re talking in a language of their own and they would not usually […]

Benefits of Video Conferencing for Speech Therapy

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Technology has since long helped us in various ways. We live in a world now which is hard to imagine without the internet. Things are happening in the technological world which was hard to consider even just about 10 years back. One of the technologies which has revolutionized the world is Video Conferencing. Apart from serving various sectors this technology is helping in the treatment of speech related disorders in a big way. You could now avail Speech Therapy through video conferencing too. Communication is really effective and succeeded only when both the speaker and listener are able to see and hear each other. This till recently was possible only if both the speaker and the listener were present in the same room physically at the same point of time. But now things have changed. Video conference has made communication between two people even if they are present at two different locations. Video Conferencing: why is it so helpful? Video conferencing (VC) means to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. It works like a video telephone. Each participant has a video camera, microphone, and speakers mounted on his or her computer. With these all the participants are able to communicate with everyone else simultaneously. It has many benefits. These include cutting down on costs of travel. People can be saved from the hassles of travelling. VC in fact now happens to be a major form of communication in the corporate sector. This technology is […]

Effects of Hearing Loss on Speech development

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For a child hearing and speech are important tools for learning. Children learn to communicate by hearing the sounds they hear. If for some reason their hearing gets impaired it also has an adverse effect on their ability to speak too. This ultimately leads to delay in speech development. The academic progress suffers as a result of the problem. In the long run it may cause social and psychological problems. In this blog we will try to help you understand the how hearing loss in children leads to speech disorder. We will also guide you to treat the problem if it is detected in your child. Hearing Loss in children Hearing loss in children may often go undetected. The loss of hearing in children varies both in the type and the degree. Most hearing loss in children can now be treated effectively. However for that to happen, early detection of the problem is critical. Most effective treatment can be done with early intervention. So in case there is a problem with your child’s hearing you must try to identify it early.  The hearing loss in children may congenital (present at birth) or it may be acquired. However whatever be the cause you must be able to identify the symptoms early. At different stages while the child is growing up as a baby there are different indications whether they respond to sound or not. For example for a baby up to 4 months he or she may awaken or stir at […]

Public Speaking – Overcome The Fear

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For the average person public speaking is one of the top fears in one’s mind. Yet being able to successfully speak in public is so critical for the success of your professional, social and personal life. Often it so happens that when you are to speak you may feel nervous; your palms begin to sweat, heart starts to pound. All of these are indications of fear of public speaking. This may not just happen, when you are making a presentation, or you are speaking in public but even when you are to ask your boss for a promotion. Be it business deals or any other situation, getting your point across is a key to your advancement in your professional life. If you are not able to do this owing to this common fear, it could be a major stumbling block in your career progress. We at Speech Plus being into corporate speech language pathology, have identified fear of public speaking as a common problem and recommend in this blog, some simple steps you could take to overcome it. Public Speaking Preparation: Get Organized: You must have your thoughts and materials well organized prior to your speech. This would give you a clear thinking and help you deliver the speech by concentrating one point at a time. Besides it will also help you focus your mind on the job at hand rather than fearing it. Preparing extensively and practice repeatedly: It is always advisable to have a fully written script or your […]

What is Misarticulating ? Is Speech Therapy Helpful?

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Have you ever wondered if Misarticulating can be treated? Well we have the answer. Communication forms an integral part of our lives now. It determines our progress in life in terms of cracking job interviews, the way we conduct our business, even our relationships with near and dear ones depends a lot  on the way we communicate. Verbal communication is perhaps the most important part of communication. In verbal communication articulation is one of the keys of effective communication. It is the process the speech organs like tongue, lips, palate interact after air stream comes out of the Vocal chords and produce sounds, syllables and words. A person with a disorder of articulation produces sounds, syllables or words, incorrectly, so that the listeners are unable to understand what he or she is trying to speak. The defects in articulation may include certain disorders like errors types of omissions, substitution or that of distortions. The Causes of Misarticulating: The causes of misarticulating may be many. These may be cerebral palsy which means a weakness or problem in the brain. This is what affects many young children leading to Misarticulating along with other defects. Cleft palate also causes misarticulation. Some other causes of misarticulating may be because of hearing loss or dental problems. Though the problem of articulating though arises on account of physical disability, certain functional articulation defects may arise out of faulty learning practices of speech sounds may also be the culprit in many cases. Studies have shown that in case […]

Why Corporate Speech Pathology is important?

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With growing popularity of Corporate Speech Pathology, let us see why is it so important. In the world of Business Communication plays a very important role. Though in the digital age communication is done in various formats, but in spite of this the key role of verbal communication can in no way be denied. Verbal communication skills are your ability to get your point across clearly, concisely and without any distraction, irrespective of the subject matter.  This blog will clear all your doubts about Corporate Speech Pathology . When meeting new people for your business, the initial impression almost entirely depends on your appearance and how you communicate. Thus it is imperative for every individual to be an expert in the way he or she communicates especially in the business world. But often it becomes difficult for an individual to control various aspects of communication and often lags behind in the various areas as a result of which your business gets hampered. This is where the Corporate Speech Pathology can help. Often the problems of communication is so subtle in nature it often remains unnoticed. But this subtle problem may adversely impact your business in the long run. So be it business, work or relationships, good communication skills is the key to a successful life. Who is a Corporate Speech and Language Pathologist? Corporate Speech Language Specialists (CSLPs) are experts in Communication who have in-depth knowledge and experience in communication Skill Building. A well trained Speech Pathologist is able to analyze and identify […]

Professional Speakers Need Speech Therapy

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Do you think Professional Speakers can ever need Speech Therapy? Here is our answer. There is a theory that says that it is quite impossible to pronounce all the words and syllables correctly! In other words, we are all in some state of inability when it comes to speaking. There are some pronunciations that catch us unaware, resulting in goof-ups that might be quite costly. Look at the instances of mispronunciations at award ceremonies like the Oscars or the Grammys. Celebrities become the butt of jokes due to these slip-ups.  For professional speakers, however, the going is tougher. At best, these celebs will be the object of social media ridicule for a week or two. Then everyone will get on with their lives. For those who speak for a living, such instances can be a deal breaker in the context of a career. Speakers cannot afford to mumble or mispronounce words in conferences or seminars. They have to be pitch perfect at all times. Just as a writer might take a writing course to hone skills further, a speaker needs speech therapy. There is no harm in admitting that such therapies can brush off those rust granules depositing on the verbal skills, especially over a long career in speaking. Modern words often call for different ways of saying things. A speech therapist can help out professional speakers immensely. Never for once conclude that therapy is only for those who are suffering from speech disorders! Speech therapy has other benefits for […]

Questions to Ask Speech Language Pathologist

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You have to be vigilant and careful about the progress of your child when you engage a speech language pathologist (SLP). As a parent, you have a right to know what is happening on the progress. Moreover, there are innumerable ways in which you can help the process of speech therapy. It is common sense that the therapist will not be around for the entire day to help your child! You have to chip in with some valuable practice sessions. Detailed Study by Speech Language Pathologist In order to make your role more useful in the speech therapy process, you need to ask some questions to the therapist. These questions have multiple purposes. To start off with, you need to ask the therapist about the progress within the context of a time frame. You know, of course, that these speech language therapy sessions do not and cannot yield instant results! In fact, it may not be months before you actually find something improving. Consult the therapist about progress in a year and compare the results. Evaluate the participation and cooperation of your child. Are they responsive to the lessons or are they losing interest within minutes? Often, what works for one child does not work for another. The therapist must understand this differentiation. There is a date when the therapist has to bunk a theory that is not working and try something else. You have to come in as a parent if the speech language therapist is not being able to […]