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Can Bilingualism Cause Language Delay?

It is a common myth that teaching a child two languages simultaneously might cause language delay in him or her. We understand that you as the parent of a child who is at a stage of learning some language/s, is worried whether bilingualism is a benefit or a detriment. However, according to Colin Baker, a researcher in childhood bilingualism, is of the opinion that – “Raising children bilingually is sometimes believed to cause language delay, though evidence does not support this position. Raising children bilingually neither increases nor reduces the chance of language disorder or delay.” There are quite a lot of cases reported by Speech Language Pathologists at well-known clinics dealing with delayed speech treatment in Kolkata, where children raised up bilingually did not show any language delay, and above all, have learnt both the languages quite well. Delayed language is seen in children for many other complications, and not because he or she is influenced by bilingualism. Rather, bilingualism has more benefits than hindrances in the child’s developmental skills.   Fun Facts About Bilingualism At least half of the world’s population is bilingual or plurilingual. A study showed that even while in the womb of a bilingual mother, the child not only prefers both the languages over others, but they also develop the ability to recognise and tell the difference between the two. Bilingualism actually develops the grey matter in the language processing centre of the brain, especially when the child have learnt two languages before five years […]

Signs and Symptoms of Stammering

Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted involuntarily. A stutterer’s speech is characterised by frequent repetitions, prolongations of sounds, syllables, words, phrases or even whole sentences. It occurs mainly in children at a very young age. Studies show that stammering affects young boys more than girls. The sooner you as the parent of a stammering child start a treatment, the sooner he/she will have chances of recovering. Professional Speech Language Pathologists advice early intervention for stammering children to be done at a good stammering therapy center in Kolkata. A majority of the stammering problems can be cured if treatment is started as early as the stutterer learns to speak. If the symptoms of stammering appear at a very young age, then the stutterer would require immediate attention. Following are some of the common symptoms of stuttering, which should not be neglected: Frequent repetitions of sounds, syllables, words, phrases and even whole complex sentences Prolongations of certain sounds, syllables and phrases, therefore taking time to finish Interruption in the flow of speech, which is involuntary Words or phrases may come out as jerks or spurts Frequently rearranges words or phrases in a sentence, thus saying the same thing over and over again The stutterer finds it harder to start some sounds, words, phrases and a whole conversation as a result The stutterer feels tensed while trying to say something Frequently hesitates or pauses before trying to speak Some health professionals at a good […]

Benefits of Corporate Speech Pathology

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Are you aware of Corporate Speech Pathology? In business world, communication plays an important role. With the globalization of businesses worldwide, the advancement in information technology, communication among companies located at different locations of the world have become necessary like never before. Thus if you are in business now, you must be ready to face international competition. Therefore your communication skills, predestination skills have become crucial for not just securing fresh businesses but even for maintaining the existing ones. So International conference calling, public speaking, team building have all now become the order of the day. As a result in the corporate world to survive you need to have the best communication and presentation skills. With such skills becoming important in the corporate world today, the role of the Corporate Speech Pathology has become invaluable. Being the leading Speech Therapy Centre In Kolkata we also provide Corporate Speech Pathology as one of our primary services. In this blog we would try to make you aware about the importance of Corporate Speech Pathology and how you can benefit from it. Who Is A Corporate Speech Pathology? Corporate Speech Pathologists are communication experts who have great knowledge and expertise in different areas of communication skills. They are basically experienced Speech Language Pathologists who have vast knowledge and experience in University, clinical and corporate settings. They have knowledge of both normal speech and language as well as communication disorders and its rectification. What Type Of Services Generally Corporate Speech Pathologists Provide? Corporate Speech Pathologists provide services […]