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Learn to speak like a boss: Corporate Language Pathology for better success in your corporate life.

In India, the competition in the corporate sphere is intense and ever difficult. Here, it is not only your skill and contributions in work that decide your ascent in the game but also your personality and presence. Speech is considered the base of persona, and it is with speech that many suffer. This keeps some of the brightest and the most hardworking people from finding the improvement in the corporate sphere that they deserve. Here is why and how you can pave way for better success in your corporate journey. Diction and Throw Diction and throw is extremely important in speech. It makes speech clearer and lets the speaker communicate freely with more dominance. This is extremely important in the corporate professional sphere as each word you speak shapes your experience there. Many people have speech problems like stuttering, pronunciation and lisping problems. This results in decreased confidence in them which in terms becomes a barrier in their corporate life. Many go through this ordeal and are stuck in a rut because they are not aware of the fact that these problems can be worked upon and improved with the help of speech and language therapy. At Speech Plus, there are specialized corporate speech language therapy courses designed especially for these problems. The integrated courses aim at achieving the best results in the quickest time possible because time is very precious and little at hand considering the present corporate scenario. Enhanced Personality Speech contributes to at least over 60 % […]

Hoarse for the long course: Why Singers and Voice performers should consult a voice and speech therapist regularly

    “The only thing better than singing is more singing” – Elle Fitzgerald   But more singing may also cause troubles. One very common voice problems among singers and vocal performers is that of hoarseness. The hoarseness of the throat can be because of multiple reasons. Hoarseness could result out of an infection, inflammation, dryness of vocal cords, allergies, stress, cysts or nodules, and improper speech techniques. Of these singers and vocal performers mostly suffer from hoarseness due to dryness of vocal cords, over stress on vocal cords, and at times improper speech technique. While performers and singers at times do consult speech therapists, vocal coaches or doctors when they are affected by voice disorders as hoarseness, it is not a common habit for them to consult with vocal coaches or performers regularly. But that should be the case. Here are a few reasons why. Hoarseness can be prevented Singers and voice performers can prevent voice disorders like hoarseness of the throat from happening. Yes, it is preventable.  Recently, a reputed underground singer had lost her voice midway through a show and that caused a lot of panic. She is now undergoing voice therapy in Kolkata. This could have been prevented if she was consulting a voice therapist regularly. A regular visit to the voice therapist or speech therapist really helps as the therapist can conduct a complete evaluation of the condition of the vocal cords and diagnose if there is a risk of developing any kind of discomfort […]

Having speech problems? What you should do?

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Are you having speech problems? You may also have a young child who may be suffering from language disorder. Whatever may be the speech problem you must not neglect it and take steps to treat the same? Speech Plus is one of the leading speech disorder treatment clinics in Kolkata. We will try to give you a basic idea about types of speech disorders. We will also provide you with solutions for such problems related to speech. Different types of Speech problems: Speech disorders may be of different types. It could affect the way a person creates sounds to form words. Certain voice disorders may also be considered speech problems as well. One of the most commonly experienced speech and language disorder is called stuttering or stammering. Other types of speech disorders include: Apraxia: This is a motor speech disorder caused by damage to the various parts of the brain which are related to speaking Dysarthria: a motor speech disorder in which the muscles of the mouth, face, or respiratory system may become weak or have difficulty moving There are persons with speech disorders are aware of what they would like to say. However they may be unable to articulate their thoughts. This could lead to self-esteem issues and even cause depression. Speech disorders can affect both adults and children. Research shows that in most types of Speech problems early treatment to a large extent can correct these conditions. What you can do to treat the speech problems? Generally it […]

How Speech Therapists helps in treating language disorder in Kolkata?

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It is estimated that about 11 to 12 million people suffer from stammering in India. It is a common problem which affects many. However, with Speech Therapy under a competent Speech therapists, this speech and voice disorder can indeed be overcome. This is especially true if it is detected and treated early with the right speech language pathology treatment. In this blog we will try to make you aware about the many benefits of speech therapy and about speech therapy in Kolkata. Let us however first try to understand who a speech therapist is. Speech Therapists: Who they are? Speech therapists is also known as a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLPs). According to Wikipedia “Speech and language therapist, or speech therapist, is one who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of communication disorders, cognition, voice disorders, and swallowing disorders“. How speech therapy is helpful? Speech therapy can help treat speech disorders in many ways. This includes Articulation Skills and treating Speech Intelligibility. Intelligibility refers to how well people are able to follow a child’s speech. If a child’s articulation skills are compromised for some reason, his or her intelligibility gets decreased in comparison to that of other children his age. They can also help to improve the child’s expressive language skills. Listening skills are important for speech. A SLP can help a child to develop listening skills and also the child’s ability to listen and understand languages. Stuttering is a very common speech disorder affecting many. It is characterized by […]

Relation between Hearing ability and Speech development

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It is a well recognized fact that there is a close relation between hearing ability and speech development. It has often been seen that children having hearing problems also suffer from speech problems. If this hearing loss develops early, then there would be more serious effects on the child’s speech development. That’s why according to speech language pathologists, early identification of any type of hearing loss is essential in children so that early intervention can help treat the problem. Hearing loss and speech development in children There are four major ways in which hearing loss affects children: 1.  Hearing loss may cause a delay in the development of receptive and expressive communication skills both i.e speech as well as language. This means vocabulary development gets delayed in hearing impaired child. The gap in vocabulary in children with hearing loss and normal children starts to widen as the child grows old. Thus the child may not be able to express him or herself easily. Apart from these children suffering from hearing loss may not hear their own voices while they are speaking. Speech Language Pathologists say that for this reason they may speak too loudly or not loud enough. The child may also have a speaking pitch that is too high. They may sound like they are mumbling. This is because of poor stress, poor inflection, or also poor rate of speaking. 1.    The child suffering from hearing loss also has speech language deficit. This in turn causes learning problems that […]

Treating Voice disorder with Voice Therapy

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Most of us take our voice for granted. We normally never think about how the vocal cords produce voice. We therefore are often unable to detect voice disorder. According to Wikipedia , “The human voice is specifically a part of human sound production in which the vocal folds (vocal cords) are the primary sound source”. Voice is produced when air is exhaled from the lungs. This exhaled air passes over the vocal cords and make vibrate. The sound produced by the human voice depends on the muscular changes of the throat, palate and mouth. Voice Disorder: What it is and its symptoms If you see an abnormal change in the way your voice sounds then you could call it as a voice disorder. If you also have experiences of pain and discomfort in your voice, then also it could be termed as the same. The symptoms may include hoarseness, a change in pitch or even a voice crack. In case of singers they could also lose their vocal range because of the problem. If you need to clear your voice very frequently then it could be a result of this disorder. Inflammation and swelling of voice, misuse of the voice and upper respiratory problems are all the causes of this problem. Laryngeal Cancer is another cause of voice disorder which requires immediate treatment. Studies show that about 3 to 10% of the general population suffers from the problem at some point of time in their life. But certain individuals are more […]

How You Can Overcome the Fear of Crowd Speaking

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Crowd Speaking or Public Speaking has become an important part of Corporate Success. Many people suffer from the fear of public speaking. In the Corporate world we often need to make public speeches and presentations. So we need to be very effective public speaking. Often the fear of public speaking grips us and acts a major hurdle in our success. We may become nervous while speaking in public. Sometimes when we are to ask our boss for promotion, the same fear grips us. Some indications about this may be sweating, heart pounding. So we need to overcome the fear of the same. In this blog we will provide you some vital tips. These will help you to overcome the fear of crowd speaking. Know your Topic Thoroughly. It is said that knowledge is power. Our sound knowledge on any topic gives us confidence. So we must always put effort in preparing our topic. This will ensure that even if there are questions we can handle them smoothly. We could also prepare the answers to probable questions which may be asked. Practice the Presentation. We must practice the presentation several times. This will build our confidence and help to overcome our fear. We may also make the presentation before some close colleges to seek their feedback to help improve our performance. Getting Organized is important. While preparing the topic we must be organised. We must know the exact sequence which is to be followed during the presentation. The more organized you are the less nervous you […]

Hearing Loss and Speech Disorder in Children

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Did you know that, one major cause for Speech disorder in children is hearing loss? Hearing is an integral part of the entire communication process. That’s why any type of hearing impairment may lead to speech disorder depending on the degree of the hearing loss. The worst part is that the hearing loss in many children goes undetected and thus untreated for a long time. This hampers the development of speech and language majorly. The hearing loss clubbed with the speech disorder leads to poor academic achievements too. Everything put together it leads to social isolation, frustration and a very low self esteem. So with the slightest indication that your child may be suffering from any type of speech disorder like he or she stutters at times, delayed speech,etc. you must visit a Speech and Language Pathologist(SLP), also known as Speech Therapist. The SLP or Speech Therapist is the specialist who can identify the problem and thereafter determines ways and means to treat the problem. Treatment though Speech Therapy may include use of audio visual means, physical strengthening exercises, repetitive practice to treat the problem of speech disorder. At Speechplus, being the leading speech therapy clinic in Kolkata recognize this problem and offer speech therapy through SLPs to deal and overcome the problem. Treating Speech Disorder in children with Speech Therapy There may be various types of speech disorder in children. One common disorder is stuttering. Owing to stuttering, the child may be repeating the same words or phrases while he or she tries […]

Speech Therapy for Speech Disorder Treatment

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This blog is correlates between Speech Therapy and Speech Disorder Treatment . Think back on the act of speaking. How often is it an interaction with someone rather than just saying some words now and then? Communication is essentially the core of speaking and probably the purpose of it as well. If you did not need to communicate or express your thoughts to a listener, you would not need the faculty of speaking, would you? This is the central idea that is at the heart of the question in the title: is speech therapy always effective if you isolate the child or adult in question? FAQ on Speech Disorder Treatment : The answer lies in the question as well. When you take a child aside to impart therapy in speaking, you are equipping the child with the ability to speak, not communicate. To enable the child to communicate ideas and thoughts, they must be able to articulate the thoughts into words in their mind. They need to frame sentences in order to express their view. That takes a different kind of therapy over and above the therapy required to pronounce some words. According to the experts here at Speech Plus, the type of speech therapy program required for a child depends on the requirement. This often varies from one child to another. If the purpose of the therapy is to even out a child’s garbled words and phrases, therapy in isolation can work. However, if the child can speak these words in […]

Technology Takes Speech Impairment Treatment Forward

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The primary job of machines, and technology, is to make life easier and simpler. This thumb rule applies to all forms of innovation and invention. It is no different now for tasks seemingly exclusive to human beings. For example, you cannot have a machine to act as a caregiver, at least not till date! However, with rapid strides in technology, speech impairment treatment is a field that has benefited immensely. This is another area where only human beings were deemed fit for work. Modern technology has changed all of that! Meet Kaspar, a robot designed at the University of Hertfordshire. The purpose of this robot is to interact and help communication skills in autistic children. It was developed in 2005 and only over the next few years that it has shaped up to be a good friend to children who have special needs for communication. Over time, Kaspar has picked up new skills in interaction, making it more ‘human’ by the day! It can play games like peekaboo or help children imitate words and phrases. Obviously, with time, it will develop further skills to take on its job of a full-fledged speech therapist! Kaspar is no flash in the pan when it comes to speech therapy through technology. The Sheffield University has developed a computer program that helps patients who have suffered strokes to communicate or speak. As you know, strokes often wrecks havoc with the speech of a person. At times, the person can barely put a few words or […]