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Signs and Symptoms of Stammering

Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted involuntarily. A stutterer’s speech is characterised by frequent repetitions, prolongations of sounds, syllables, words, phrases or even whole sentences. It occurs mainly in children at a very young age. Studies show that stammering affects young boys more than girls. The sooner you as the parent of a stammering child start a treatment, the sooner he/she will have chances of recovering. Professional Speech Language Pathologists advice early intervention for stammering children to be done at a good stammering therapy center in Kolkata. A majority of the stammering problems can be cured if treatment is started as early as the stutterer learns to speak. If the symptoms of stammering appear at a very young age, then the stutterer would require immediate attention. Following are some of the common symptoms of stuttering, which should not be neglected: Frequent repetitions of sounds, syllables, words, phrases and even whole complex sentences Prolongations of certain sounds, syllables and phrases, therefore taking time to finish Interruption in the flow of speech, which is involuntary Words or phrases may come out as jerks or spurts Frequently rearranges words or phrases in a sentence, thus saying the same thing over and over again The stutterer finds it harder to start some sounds, words, phrases and a whole conversation as a result The stutterer feels tensed while trying to say something Frequently hesitates or pauses before trying to speak Some health professionals at a good […]

Defeat Voice and Speech Problems with speech therapy

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Stammering is one kind of Speech Problems, usually considered as a tough fight of an individual to get the words out. So, it makes completely different from the usual non fluency that we all experience. Stammering varies tremendously from person to person and is often likely that a stammering person is fluent at one minute and struggling to speak the next. Stammering is a serious communication problem. It can adversely affect a person whether he is an adult or child. It can erode their self confidence and self esteem which consequently affects their interactions with others as well as their education and employment prospects. However you should not have much reason to worry. Speech therapy has proven to be very effective and at Speech Plus in Kolkata, we have a specialist team of speech language pathologists, trained to help with speech, voice or language related difficulties and challenges in everyday, business and academic settings. Speech Plus is a unique speech therapy clinic in Kolkata. Our main aim is to treat each patient as a distinctive case, observe and analyze them and get into the root of the Speech Problems. Speech Plus also provides professional Voice disorder therapy in Kolkata. Colds, allergies, bronchitis, exposure to irritants such as ammonia or cheering for your favorite sports team can result in loss of voice. Voice therapy is an individualized combination of vocal hygiene recommendations, modification of vocal behaviors and exercises designed to address specific vocal problems. We have an expert team of voice […]

Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan overcame Speech disorder with Speech Therapy

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Is your child suffering from speech or language disorder? We can well understand the anxiety and mental agony you have to undergo as a result of your child’s problem. Just because your child suffers from the problem, does not mean end of the road for him or her. There is much hope. You would be happy to know that Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan too suffered from Speech disorder and was able to overcome it with Speech Therapy.  What is stammering and how it affects children? Stammering also known as stuttering, is a speech disorder in which your child may be repeating a letter or word and is not able to speak fluently. Thus as a result he or she may be unable to communicate effectively. As a result of the problem the child may suffer many psychological problems, which may include lack of self confidence. The academic performance of the child as a result may get adversely affected. He or she can become withdrawn. The problem needs to be treated effectively. With early intervention and right speech therapy complete recovery is possible. The recovery of Hrithik Roshan is a glaring example of complete recovery from the problem, which we are sure would give you hope.  How Hrithik Roshan overcame stammering? All of us admire celebrities. We find that their lives are perfect in every way. But in reality not everything may be perfect for them too. They too have to deal with problems and overcome them. One such example is […]

New technology could screen your child for speech & language disorders

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Is your child suffering from any type of speech and language disorder? If so then you would be happy to know that researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a special computer system. This special computer will be able to automatically screen young children for speech and language disorders. It would thereafter be able to offer special diagnosis which would help to treat the disorder. Early detection and intervention helps in treatment in a big way We can well understand your anxiety in regard to your child’s speech and language disorder. Many times it seen that the problem remains untreated because it remains undetected till long. With the problem con-tuning it could make a big difference in their later academic and social success. Research shows that early intervention in treating the problem goes a long way in the recovery process. Thus this new technology could indeed make a big difference in effectively treating of speech and language disorders of many young children. What this Computer System is all about? Researchers who developed this computer system used a computer that looks for patterns in the large sets of training data to diagnose speech and language. For conducting the test children are made to undertake a standard story telling test. Here they are first presented with a set of images and an accompanying narrative. They are thereafter made to retell the story in their own words. These are recorded and the system analyses them. The entire system is fully automated and uses very simple tools. You […]

New technology can help in treating language disorder after stroke

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When a person has a stroke or other injury that affects the left side of the brain, it typically disrupts their ability to use language. This happens mainly when it affects the left side of the brain. This condition is known as Aphasia, which is a language impairment which makes it difficult to use language. Studies show that the language we use is stored in the left side of our brains. Thus when a stroke adversely affects the back part of the left hemisphere we have much difficulty to understand what we hear or read. The situation is somewhat similar to visiting a country where they use a language you do not know. You would know that they are using words and sentences. But you may not be able to follow what is being spoken.  In fact a recent study reveals that Aphasia is a language disorder affecting about one-third of stroke survivors and can virtually eliminate speech. So it is indeed a cause of concern for those suffering from stroke. But new technologies have been developed to treat the problem of language disorder from stroke. New Technologies can be of great help  Virtual Reality is slowly but surely making its inroads in our lives. This new revolutionary technology which has already made significant advances in gaming and the entertainment industries. It is also making its impact felt in the medical world too. EVA Park is a multi-user virtual world, which allows people suffering from Aphasia to engage in conversation with each […]

Articulation Therapy in Kolkata to treat Misarticulation

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Are you aware of Articulation Therapy? Teaching kids to utter speech sounds that they cannot produce is called Articulation Therapy. Some children may have difficulty uttering certain sounds. He or she may omit or improperly alter certain sounds, during the course of their speech. Young children sometimes may have certain issues related to their articulation. They should be able to outgrow these with age. But if these disorders persist even when they grow older then you must approach a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) to detect and treat the problem. The sooner the problem is detected the better is the chance of recovery. In this blog we will try to make you aware about misarticulation and how you could have it treated. Types of Articulation Problems In order to detect an articulation or voice disorder you need to understand the types of disorders. You need to consider 2 important factors in regard to speech or articulation. These are as follows: The type of speech sound error(s) your child is making Your child’s age When it comes to articulation disorders, generally it is common in children in the age groups of 3 and 6 years. Gradually as your child grows he or she develops the ability to pronounce different types of sounds. Studies have shown that for a child of 2 years, 50% of what he or she speaks may be intelligible. By the age of 4 years there must be a considerable improvement in the same. By 7 years a […]

Detecting Late Speech in children and treating it

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Are you having a child aged about 3 years or younger? Are you worried that he or she is not speaking? Are you noticing that the child does not seem to listen? If you see these in your child then your child may be suffering from Late Speech Problem or language or hearing disorders. Through this blog we will try to make you aware of ways to identify if there is a speech disorder and how you should treat it. Identifying early signs: The following are some typical symptoms of determining Speech disorder in young children: If the child is around 3 month’s old and if the baby does not smile or interact with others. The baby should babble at an age of 4 to 7 months. By the time he or she is between 7 to 12 months he or she should make gestures like waving or pointing at things. Between 12 months and 24 months of age the child should respond to sound and should be able to vocalize. If it is observed that the child prefers gestures over vocalizing by the age of 18 months or more than there is cause for concern. At the age of 18 months the child must be able to imitate sounds.  After two years of age the child should be able to produce words or phrases spontaneously. If the child is still merely imitating speech and gesturing then there is a possibility that the child is suffering from speech disorder. Other symptoms include if you observe […]

Benefits of Video Conferencing to treat Speech Disorder Problem

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You must be familiar with Video Conferencing. It offers a number of benefits. These include benefits like reducing travel costs, improves communication etc. Communication is really effective and succeeds only when both the speaker and listener are able to see and hear each other. Generally this becomes possible only when both are in the same room. Through video conferencing communication however this is possible even if the participants are at two geographical locations. Because of this it has also made a significant impact in treatment of speech disorders too. In this blog we will discuss how video conferencing is helping in the treatment of speech disorder problem too. Speech Therapy involves much travelling for the patient If you or your children are suffering from speech related disorders then it needs to be treated with speech therapy. You need to be patient. Treating speech disorder problem require much time and effort. These are to be provided over a long period of time. Sometimes it may take months or even years for the initial results to show up. So over the period if you or your child is being treated with speech therapy you need to visit the speech treatment clinic. At the time which you have been allotted to you, you would have to attend the same. When this is to be done over a period of time it may indeed be difficult for you. As it is with the excessive work pressure demands that you spend more time at work. Not […]

Stuttering Remedies for Children

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Stuttering is a speech disorder which causes the forward flow of speech. The Speech interruptions are involuntary and prolonging sounds, syllables, words or phrases in the person is a result of this disorder. There may a number of causes about stuttering in children. First genetics, may be a probable cause as stuttering often has been seen to run in families. Then there may be developmental factors for this too. During the preschool years, many of the child’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional and speech learning skills develop at a rapid rate. Unfortunately the speech development may not happen at this period of time leading to stuttering. There may also be certain environmental caused leading to stuttering. The parental expectations of the parents regarding the child’s speech and language environment, or certain stressful life events may also lead to this problem. Here however the parents are not to blame, their expectation may not be harmful to the child who does not stutter but aggravates it in a child who has a stuttering tendency. The child’s fear and anxiety causes the child’s stuttering to continue and may even make it worse in some cases. We at Speech Plus , speech therapy specialist in Kolkata analyze what could be done to treat stuttering in children. Treating Stuttering In Children: As a parent you need to be conscious of the fact and notice whether your child is suffering from stammering. In case you observe this problem in your child regularly, then you need to treat […]

Autism Spectrum Disorders And Its Treatment

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Autism is a psycho somatic disorder is a complex condition that affects the normal development of the brain. It is a condition that affects both the mental and physical well being. It is not a single disorder but a group of ailments. Autistic children encounter problems both in verbal and non-verbal Communication. As a result they face difficulty in social interactions. They may exhibit multiple symptoms which include repetitive behavior, restricted interests, hyper- sensitivity to light, touch, etc. The detection of Autism may depend on its severity. Though mostly detected between 2 – 5 years, but there may be cases when an individual may suffer from the disorder but may not realize it lifelong. As already mentioned earlier it is a spectrum of disorders and the causes too may be many, which may be genetics, environmental, immunological, etc. Thus only with watchful eyes of the parents can this problem be identified early. We at speechplus.in being one of the leading speech therapy centre in Kolkata , through this blog will try to create a basic awareness of this disorder and ways to treat it. Each child or person suffering from Autism is unique and thus the treatment for the same should be specific as per the need. However early detection of the problem helps in a way that it offers a scope for early intervention by behavioral treatments or medicines and both in some cases. The early intervention and treatment may involve the participation of the child’s entire family working closely with […]