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Free Speech is now official: Pronunciation Therapy for the Modern Corporate

The state of corporate affairs and lifestyle is changing and apart from your educational qualification and skills, one of the most important aspects that H.R managers closely monitor is communication skills. The corporate ecosystem is highly communication based across industry and it is no longer based on textual context. While the 90’s and early 2000’s was dependent on textual communication like fax, and mail, thanks to digital advancement, the corporate system is quickly becoming highly communicative over channels. Employees are needed to be present on conference calls, meetings are held over Skype, there are presentations to be done every day and hence speech and communication is now a career enhancing skill or aspect that decides how your career progresses. One of the speech problems that many seem to suffer from is pronunciation problem. We are not talking about the kind where you end up pronouncing a word incorrectly because of your mother -tongue’s influence; we are talking about graver pronunciation problems that arise due to physiological or developmental disorders pertinent from childhood. Pronunciation problems can be of many kinds. It could be either a problem with articulation, it could be a phonological disorder, or it could be due to childhood apraxia of speech. Articulation Problems: This problem deals with the replacement of certain sounds with another sound that causes the word to be articulated in a wrong way. For e.g, replacing the ‘ra’ sound with ‘wa’ sound. While this is apparent and pertinent in children, adults suffer from this problem […]

Are your Communication Skills Weak? Avail our Corporate Speech Pathology Services

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Communication skills play a vital role in our lives. Be it the corporate world or our social life, how we communicate determines our progress. It determines how we are treated socially too. In the corporate world today you may often be required to make presentations. You may have to communicate with senior management officials and clients. So you need to be effective in your communication to rise up the corporate ladder. Unfortunately many people suffer from poor communication skills. You may be a very efficient worker but your poor communication skills could a stumbling block for you. So if this is the case you need to avail Corporate Speech Pathology to overcome the problem. Who are Corporate Speech Pathologists? Corporate Speech Pathologists are communication specialists who have in-depth knowledge and experience in many areas of communication skill building. With their help you would surely be able to overcome any communication problems or speech related problems like voice disorders, stuttering etc.  you have. In many cases the communication problems you have may be so subtle that it is difficult to detect. But with Corporate Speech Pathology they can not only detect the exact defect but also treat the same.  What type of help you can expect? Corporate Speech Pathology is especially useful if you are new to the corporate world. When you are appearing for job interviews your confidence in terms of communication may be low. In such cases the corporate speech pathologists can help you in a big way. But its benefits are not just restricted […]

Why Corporate Speech Language Pathology Is Gaining Importance

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Is your communication skill weak? Is it becoming a hindrance in your corporate progress? If so you need corporate pathology. No matter how good you are at your job but the quality of your communication is vital in the current scenario. At your workplace you have to work in a team. Whatever be your role, you as the boss to lead the team or as a subordinate to work in the same, your communication skills are essential to accomplish any job. With globalization companies have come together worldwide. This means that you can no longer work in isolation. Instead you must interact with your counterparts in other companies as well. Besides in the corporate world you are required to make presentations. You have to make international conference calls. At senior levels you must develop team building skills as well. In case you have problems doing any of these then Corporate Speech Language Pathology is important for you. Corporate Speech Language Pathologists:What they do? Corporate Speech Language Pathologists are expert communicators. They have knowledge and expertise in different areas of communication. They provide Communication training. They generally do so to freshers, who are new to the corporate world. However it is not necessary that only the new entrants require their services. Even experienced candidates too may often lack proper communication skills. They may be scared of public speaking. So both freshers as well as experienced candidates would benefit from Corporate Speech Pathology.  The Benefits of Corporate Speech Pathology: The benefits may broadly be […]

How You Can Overcome the Fear of Crowd Speaking

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Crowd Speaking or Public Speaking has become an important part of Corporate Success. Many people suffer from the fear of public speaking. In the Corporate world we often need to make public speeches and presentations. So we need to be very effective public speaking. Often the fear of public speaking grips us and acts a major hurdle in our success. We may become nervous while speaking in public. Sometimes when we are to ask our boss for promotion, the same fear grips us. Some indications about this may be sweating, heart pounding. So we need to overcome the fear of the same. In this blog we will provide you some vital tips. These will help you to overcome the fear of crowd speaking. Know your Topic Thoroughly. It is said that knowledge is power. Our sound knowledge on any topic gives us confidence. So we must always put effort in preparing our topic. This will ensure that even if there are questions we can handle them smoothly. We could also prepare the answers to probable questions which may be asked. Practice the Presentation. We must practice the presentation several times. This will build our confidence and help to overcome our fear. We may also make the presentation before some close colleges to seek their feedback to help improve our performance. Getting Organized is important. While preparing the topic we must be organised. We must know the exact sequence which is to be followed during the presentation. The more organized you are the less nervous you […]

Treating Misarticulation With Speech Therapy

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Are you aware of Misarticulation? A person with this disorder produces sounds, syllables or words incorrectly so that the listeners are unable to understand what the speaker is trying to speak. Verbal communication forms a very important part of our lives. It determines the progress of our lives in a big way. For effective communication the correct articulation is necessary. Articulation is the process where in the speech organs like tongue, palate interacts after air stream comes out of the Vocal Chords and produce sounds, syllables and words. However a disorder in proper articulation may happen which may be on account of omissions, substitutions and distortions. We at Speech Plus being a leading speech therapy clinic in Kolkata would try to explain to you the basic things you should know about Misarticulation: Misarticulation Causes: There may be various causes for misarticulation. It may be on account of Cerebral palsy which arises out of weakness or disorder in the brain. This is a leading cause of Misarticulation in children. Cleft Palate is another cause for it. Other causes for Misarticulation may be for hearing loss, dental problems too. Along with physical causes for this problem there may be certain faulty articulation defects too. These happen because of faulty learning practices of speech in some cases. Research has shown that for a child as young as 2 years, about 50% of what he or she speaks may be intelligible. In case of 4 years old child the articulating capacity must be still much […]

Benefits of Corporate Speech Pathology

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Are you aware of Corporate Speech Pathology? In business world, communication plays an important role. With the globalization of businesses worldwide, the advancement in information technology, communication among companies located at different locations of the world have become necessary like never before. Thus if you are in business now, you must be ready to face international competition. Therefore your communication skills, predestination skills have become crucial for not just securing fresh businesses but even for maintaining the existing ones. So International conference calling, public speaking, team building have all now become the order of the day. As a result in the corporate world to survive you need to have the best communication and presentation skills. With such skills becoming important in the corporate world today, the role of the Corporate Speech Pathology has become invaluable. Being the leading Speech Therapy Centre In Kolkata we also provide Corporate Speech Pathology as one of our primary services. In this blog we would try to make you aware about the importance of Corporate Speech Pathology and how you can benefit from it. Who Is A Corporate Speech Pathology? Corporate Speech Pathologists are communication experts who have great knowledge and expertise in different areas of communication skills. They are basically experienced Speech Language Pathologists who have vast knowledge and experience in University, clinical and corporate settings. They have knowledge of both normal speech and language as well as communication disorders and its rectification. What Type Of Services Generally Corporate Speech Pathologists Provide? Corporate Speech Pathologists provide services […]

Why Corporate Speech Pathology is important?

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With growing popularity of Corporate Speech Pathology, let us see why is it so important. In the world of Business Communication plays a very important role. Though in the digital age communication is done in various formats, but in spite of this the key role of verbal communication can in no way be denied. Verbal communication skills are your ability to get your point across clearly, concisely and without any distraction, irrespective of the subject matter.  This blog will clear all your doubts about Corporate Speech Pathology . When meeting new people for your business, the initial impression almost entirely depends on your appearance and how you communicate. Thus it is imperative for every individual to be an expert in the way he or she communicates especially in the business world. But often it becomes difficult for an individual to control various aspects of communication and often lags behind in the various areas as a result of which your business gets hampered. This is where the Corporate Speech Pathology can help. Often the problems of communication is so subtle in nature it often remains unnoticed. But this subtle problem may adversely impact your business in the long run. So be it business, work or relationships, good communication skills is the key to a successful life. Who is a Corporate Speech and Language Pathologist? Corporate Speech Language Specialists (CSLPs) are experts in Communication who have in-depth knowledge and experience in communication Skill Building. A well trained Speech Pathologist is able to analyze and identify […]

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