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7 Speech Therapy Ideas to Try at Home

While there are so many recognised and experienced Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) at almost every recognised speech therapy clinic in Kolkata to help you out with the speech disorders of your child, one important thing to keep in mind is that you as a parent has a lot of responsibilities! You are the best teacher of your child! How to do Speech Therapy at Home! There are certain tips which have been proven effective and are being recommended by professional SLPs worldwide. These fun activities are not only interesting but have been fruitful as well in improving your child’s communication skills – Don’t have the TV on in the background while speaking with your child! Spend quality time with him or her, and make sure there are no distractions. Having a one-to-one conversation in a quiet room is a good idea. Keep the child focussed and engaging. Make the conversation funny and playful. Skilled SLPs at any recognised speech therapy clinic in Kolkata suggest that, while teaching something, you can try doing it in a rhythmic sing-song way – this will make things interesting and easily comprehensive for the child. Teach your child how to use gestures. Gestures allow a child to express themselves better with the help of hand movements. Sometimes, a child might fall short of appropriate words, and therefore might find it difficult to explain certain things. So, even though your child can speak, if not well, but quite better – you must combine using gestures along […]

Types of Speech Disorders: Causes and Management

Are you or your child facing speech and other communication problems for some time and you are clueless about how did it occur, what to do and whom to consult? Don’t panic! Your problems can easily be cured!   My Child is Still not Showing Signs of Speaking! There are many children who develop speech and language problems at a critical age. The first few years is very crucial for a child to learn and develop communication skills. It is because the synaptic density – that is, the neural interconnections – is the maximum at the age of 2-3 years, which means that the learning capability of the child attains its peak point at this time. So it is very important for you as the parent of a child with speech or language difficulties to intervene into the matter as early as within first 3 months of age, and to start a proper treatment at a recognised speech therapy clinic in Kolkata as early as possible. If a child is deprived of a good hearing health, then he/she might suffer from delayed speech problems. So it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is given full access to the hearing world and at the appropriate time, delaying which will result in a delay of all the major developmental skills necessary for the child. Therefore, you must participate in early intervention programs to diagnose if there is any hearing disorder present in your child. Hearing loss is a major […]

Can Bilingualism Cause Language Delay?

It is a common myth that teaching a child two languages simultaneously might cause language delay in him or her. We understand that you as the parent of a child who is at a stage of learning some language/s, is worried whether bilingualism is a benefit or a detriment. However, according to Colin Baker, a researcher in childhood bilingualism, is of the opinion that – “Raising children bilingually is sometimes believed to cause language delay, though evidence does not support this position. Raising children bilingually neither increases nor reduces the chance of language disorder or delay.” There are quite a lot of cases reported by Speech Language Pathologists at well-known clinics dealing with delayed speech treatment in Kolkata, where children raised up bilingually did not show any language delay, and above all, have learnt both the languages quite well. Delayed language is seen in children for many other complications, and not because he or she is influenced by bilingualism. Rather, bilingualism has more benefits than hindrances in the child’s developmental skills. Fun Facts About Bilingualism At least half of the world’s population is bilingual or plurilingual. A study showed that even while in the womb of a bilingual mother, the child not only prefers both the languages over others, but they also develop the ability to recognise and tell the difference between the two. Bilingualism actually develops the grey matter in the language processing centre of the brain, especially when the child have learnt two languages before five years of […]

Speech Language Pathology for treating Speech & Language Disorder

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Are you aware of Speech Language Pathology (SLP) or Speech Therapy? This is used for treatment of speech disorders amongst children and adults. There are different types of speech disorders. A speech disorder refers to a problem with the actual production of sounds. A language disorder on the other hand refers to a problem understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas. There may be different types of speech disorders. These include stammering, misarticulation, late speaking etc. Language disorders may be Repetitive disorders, expressive disorders or Cognitive-communication disorders. Whatever be the type of disorder, early detection and treatment helps in a big way. The earlier the problem is detected and treated the better are chances of recovery. So you need to be alert and arrange for treatment in case a problem in your child is detected. Speech Language Pathology or Speech Therapy helps in treating the problem.  Who is a Speech Language Pathologist or a Speech Therapist? Speech Language Pathologist (SLPs) or Speech Therapists are therapists who specialize in treatment of Speech and language problems. Speech Therapy is no longer something which is mentioned like a hushed rumor. It is now the most common form of treatment for speech or language disorders. Autism is a major cause of speech or language disorder. Speech-language therapy addresses persons suffering from autism with a variety of techniques.  Speech Language or therapy coordinates the the mechanics of speech with the meaning and social use of language. The SLP first assesses an individual’s verbal aptitudes and challenges. He or she thereafter sets […]

Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia: Facts and it’s Treatment

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Are you aware of the term “Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia(DVD)?” Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (DVD) is called as Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Some may also term it as Development Apraxia of Speech (DAS). This occurs when a child faces problems in uttering sounds, syllables and words. Through this blog we will try to explain the facts relating to Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (DVD) and how it could be treated. What is Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia? When a child has difficulty in saying sounds, syllables and words, it is called as Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (DVD) of speech. The problem is not on account of any paralysis or weaknesses of muscles. This problem occurs because the child’s brain is unable to coordinate the different parts of the body needed to produce speech. It has been seen that children who suffer from this problem have the ability to understand speech but face problems while speaking. Through this blog we will try to explain the facts and treatment of DVD. Causes of DVD: The exact cause for DVD is not known. DVD is a neurological disorder. Some studies suggest that genetic disorder can cause this problem. It has been observed that children who suffer from this problem may have a family history of communication disorders. Symptoms of DVD: Symptoms of DVD may vary from one child to another. If you observe that your child speaks at a later age then it may be a symptom of DVD. The child faces difficulty to pronounce syllables together. Thus pronouncing […]

Signs of Some Common Communication Disorders

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To cure a problem, you have to get to the heart of it and know it well. This holds true for every disease or symptom in medical history. Keeping with this line of thought, you have these diagnostic tests and examinations. For communication disorders, it cannot be any different, can it? You can only arrange for speech therapy when you know what kind of speech disorder is posing problems for you or someone close to you. There can be a varying number of speech disorders. Some of them are purely physiological. For example, a cleft chin or palate can restrict speech to considerable extent. The therapy required for this kind of problem cannot be the same for a psychological issue, like low self-confidence, that causes stammering. You need to know about the different types of speech disorders simply to arm yourself with the knowledge. It will help you immensely in finding the correct solution to the problem.     Let us start with aparaxia of speech. This is caused by illnesses that are progressive in nature. As the illness becomes more acute, the speech becomes even more labored. Words become distorted and are progressively more difficult to pronounce. In this kind of speech disorder, individual words become harder to speak than common phrases which may be spoken spontaneously. A similar kind of disease related speech problem is called dysarthria. Neurological diseases like Parkinson’s or ALS, even strokes, weaken the ability to speak. Sometimes, especially in the case of strokes, the ability […]

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