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5 Speech Therapy Tips to Help a Child with Autism

After your child is diagnosed with Autism, your child specialist has probably told you to go for a speech therapy and it is one of the best treatment methods to begin with. It is because a speech therapy programme plays a key role in autism treatment. Joining a good programme can change your child’s life completely. Why is Speech therapy Necessary in Autism treatment? One of the common problems that affects a child with autism is communication impairment, and therefore, speech therapy is one of the most important step to start an early intervention in autism treatment. To begin with, visiting a professional and certified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) at any recognised speech therapy centre in Kolkata is the first and foremost step that you as a responsible parent must take. So once your child is diagnosed with autism, don’t waste time in thinking much or giving ears to rumours such as ‘My child’s behavioral abnormalities will be cured as he grows up!’ No it won’t! The sad part is autism can never be cured completely – it can only be treated and controlled up to a certain limit! No don’t panic! Having autism doesn’t mean your child’s future is in dark! He/she can still lead a better quality of life and can achieve success in the days to come. So it is your responsibility to start a treatment early – because given the right opportunities at the right time can encourage your child and make him self-confident – a […]

Researchers have found a way to predict autism in infants

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neuro-developmental disorders which leads to significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges for the person suffering from ASD. Thus autistic children are often self absorbed in their own world. They are generally unable to communicate and interact properly with others. Autistic children may have difficulty in developing language skills and understanding what others say to them. Studies show that early detection of the disorder can make a significant effect on its treatment. So detecting and treating autism it as early as possible is very important. Researchers now can detect Autism in children A recent study was published last week in a leading science journal. The study states that it is now possible to identify which infants with older siblings with autism, will be diagnosed with autism at 24 months of age. The study made use of Magnetic-Resonance Imaging (MRI). The study was done at the University of North Carolina in USA. It used the scans taken at 6 months, 12 months and 2 years to examine the brains of infants at high risk of autism. The researchers were able to predict with an 80 percent accuracy rate which babies who had an older sibling with autism would be later diagnosed with the disorder. A senior researcher felt that early brain development biomarkers could be very useful in identifying babies at the highest risk for autism before behavioral symptoms emerge. Experts in the field feel that this is a path-breaking breakthrough in the treatment of Autism in children. With early detection treatment […]

Some Tips For Teaching Autistic Children

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurological disorder. The symptom of this disorder varies from one child to the other. The exact cause of the disorder is difficult to pin point. Thus treating the problem becomes a challenge for Speech Therapists. Teaching such children is difficult as well. However early detection and intervention with the right speech therapy may often bring in a significant difference in recovery. So as a parent you must be alert and consult a speech language pathologist (SLP) to treat the same. In this blog we have outlined some basic tips which could be used for treating an Autistic children. Early symptoms to detect As a parent you need to closely monitor the development of your child. In case of any indication of any abnormality, consultation with an expert is a must. In case you notice that the child is not responding when he or she is being called, it may be an indication. Other symptoms include lack of any facial expression, speaking with an abnormal rhythm or a tone. Tendency to repeat the same words over and over again is another symptom as well. Whatever be the indication you must arrange for early intervention with the right treatment for it. Speech Therapy greatly helps in the recovery of the disorder. Simple tips for fast learning: While teaching an autistic child you should bear in mind that all autistic children are capable of learning. You simply need to find an effective strategy to help them learn […]

Detecting Autism and Treating It

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Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is a serious neurodevelopmental problem in children. This disorder impairs the child’s ability to communicate and interact with others. For recovery from the disorder early detection and treatment is essential. One major problem for detection is that there is no single symptom. Autism leads to a group of ailments. Autistic children encounter problems both in verbal and non-verbal communication. Research reveals that early intervention with treatment may bring in a significant impact on recovery. So as a parent you need to be alert regarding your child’s behavior. With the slightest indication of any problem you must seek help. Through this blog we will try to make you aware of the common symptoms of Autism and how you can arrange for early treatment if there is a problem. Autism: Some Early Symptoms  An autistic child may often not respond his or her name when called for. The child may lack any facial expression. He or she may also have poor eye contact. Another symptom of ASD may be if the child speaks with an abnormal tone or rhythm. In autism there is also a tendency of repeating the same words or phrases without understanding them. So in case this is observed regularly you must seek treatment.  The child may also suddenly behave aggressively or inappropriately at social gatherings. Another indication of Autism is delayed speech in children.   Apart from these the child may often continue making repetitive movements at times. He or she may be very stubborn and resistant […]

Autism Spectrum Disorders And Its Treatment

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Autism is a psycho somatic disorder is a complex condition that affects the normal development of the brain. It is a condition that affects both the mental and physical well being. It is not a single disorder but a group of ailments. Autistic children encounter problems both in verbal and non-verbal Communication. As a result they face difficulty in social interactions. They may exhibit multiple symptoms which include repetitive behavior, restricted interests, hyper- sensitivity to light, touch, etc. The detection of Autism may depend on its severity. Though mostly detected between 2 – 5 years, but there may be cases when an individual may suffer from the disorder but may not realize it lifelong. As already mentioned earlier it is a spectrum of disorders and the causes too may be many, which may be genetics, environmental, immunological, etc. Thus only with watchful eyes of the parents can this problem be identified early. We at speechplus.in being one of the leading speech therapy centre in Kolkata , through this blog will try to create a basic awareness of this disorder and ways to treat it. Each child or person suffering from Autism is unique and thus the treatment for the same should be specific as per the need. However early detection of the problem helps in a way that it offers a scope for early intervention by behavioral treatments or medicines and both in some cases. The early intervention and treatment may involve the participation of the child’s entire family working closely with […]

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