Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is a serious neurodevelopmental problem in children. This disorder impairs the child’s ability to communicate and interact with others. For recovery from the disorder early detection and treatment is essential. One major problem for detection is that there is no single symptom. Autism leads to a group of ailments. Autistic children encounter problems both in verbal and non-verbal communication. Research reveals that early intervention with treatment may bring in a significant impact on recovery. So as a parent you need to be alert regarding your child’s behavior. With the slightest indication of any problem you must seek help. Through this blog we will try to make you aware of the common symptoms of Autism and how you can arrange for early treatment if there is a problem.

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Autism: Some Early Symptoms 

  • An autistic child may often not respond his or her name when called for.
  • The child may lack any facial expression. He or she may also have poor eye contact.
  • Another symptom of ASD may be if the child speaks with an abnormal tone or rhythm.
  • In autism there is also a tendency of repeating the same words or phrases without understanding them. So in case this is observed regularly you must seek treatment. 
  • The child may also suddenly behave aggressively or inappropriately at social gatherings.

Another indication of Autism is delayed speech in children.  

Apart from these the child may often continue making repetitive movements at times. He or she may be very stubborn and resistant to any change. The child may also be oversensitive to light, sound or touch. He or she may get over attached to an object or activity at times. 

So in case you observe any of the above symptoms on a regular basis you need to be alert to note it. You must immediately seek treatment.

Treating Autism 

As already mentioned the symptoms of autism vary. The treatment for the same should be specific as per the need. However, whatever is the treatment, research shows that early treatment does help in recovery. Treatment may include behavioral treatments or medicines. In some cases both may be recommended. Therapists in the field need to work closely with the child’s family to get the best results. In some cases the therapist may even visit the child’s home for doing the therapy sessions. The child’s parents need to be actively involved in the therapy sessions too. There are also specific schools for Autistic children. Scientific studies show that early behavioral intervention improves chances of gaining the communication skills required for the child. 

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